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Having many features desired by other customers, this option sells fairly well.
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Product Comes With: RS60B0-SRSFWR RS6, standard range ring imager SE4750MR, Bluetooth, 3350mAh standard battery, manual trigger, no proximity sensor, Worldwide, (Order Charger Separately)
More Information: Zebra RS6000 Part Number:

This is a listing for individual item RS60B0-SRSFWR

RS6000 RS60B0-SRSFWR ZebraZebra
Part Specifications:
  • Scan Range: Standard Range
  • Trigger: Manual Trigger
  • Proximity Sensor: None

The RS60B0-SRSFWR is not one of this product's most popular models.

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WT60, RS60, PowerPrecision+ Lithium Ion Battery, 3350mAh, FedEx Ground Only (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
RS60, Single Slot Charge/USB Sharecradle, Allows To Charge 1 Ring Scanner And 1 Spare Battery. Requires PWR-BGA12V50W0WW, DC cable CBL-DC-388A1-01 and 3-wire grounded country specific AC line cord, sold separately
Zebra Power Supply (Formerly Motorola), Requires DC Line Cord CBL-DC-388A1-01 & AC Line Cord 23844-00-00R, Replaces PWRS-14000-148R (Presentation Cradle)
7.5ft. DC Cable For Use with Power Supply Brick PWR-BGA12V50W0WW
7.5ft. AC Line Cord, For Use with PWRS-14000-148R and PWR-BGA12V50W0WW
Zebra Presentation Cradle and Mobile Computer Power Kit (Three Piece) - Includes power supply (PWR-BGA12V50W0WW), Line Cord (23844-00-00R), and DC Line Cord (CBL-DC-375A1-01). (Presentation Cradle or Mobile Computer Only)

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