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Honeywell Dolphin 9500/9550

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Dolphin 9500/9550 Mobile Computers

The Honeywell Dolphin 9500/9550 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Series.

Its lightweight, ergonomic, and rugged design provides ease of use and operational reliability in robust mobile applications such as transportation, parcel delivery, retail, field service, route accounting, warehousing, and industrial/manufacturing. The Dolphin 9500 high-tech architecture -- Microsoft® Windows Mobile, integrated Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN) with co-located GSM/GPRS, 802.11b, and Bluetooth radios provide real-time voice and data acquisition and information access, anytime and anywhere.

The Shift Plus high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery enables the mobile computers to operate longer in wireless, scan-intensive environments. Powered by Hand Held Products' exclusive Adaptus Imaging Technology, the Dolphin 9500 can be used by the worker to quickly read virtually all bar codes, take photos of damaged goods, capture signatures, and archive and retrieve data quickly.


  • 1/4 VGA Color Display With Industrial Touch Screen - Offers enhanced data viewing and application interface.
  • Ergonomic Form Factor - Facilitates single-handed wireless data collection for extended periods of use.
  • Microsoft Pocket PC Platform - Portable convenience with full programming flexibility.
  • Rugged Construction - Operates in harsh environments and withstands rough treatment.
  • Three Intuitive Keyboard Layouts - Customize your data entry for your mobile application solution.
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    Dolphin 9500 Handstrap
    Dolphin 9500 Charging/Communication Cable and Power Supply
    Dolphin 9500/9550 Communications Cable - USB
    Dolphin 9500 Charging/Communication Cable - RS232 (Serial)
    Dolphin 9500 Protective Enclosure (with Clear Front and Swivel Belt Clip)
    Dolphin 9500 Protective Enclosure (with Swivel Belt Clip)
    Dolphin Net Base for the 9500 and 9550 (US Kit, 4-Slot Ethernet Charging and Communications Cradle, Serial Cable, US Power Cord and Power Supply)
    Dolphin 9500 USB Cable
    Dolphin 9500/9550 charging cradle with USB and serial (RS-232) ports for communications and auxiliary battery well for charging an extra battery. Includes US power cord and power supply
    Dolphin Series USB charging and communications cable, power supply, and cord
    Dolphin 9500 HomeBase/ChargeBase/NetBase - 3-Year Warranty, 3-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage.
    Dolphin 9500 HomeBase/ChargeBase/NetBase - 5-Year Warranty, 3-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage.
    Dolphin 9500 HomeBase/ChargeBase/NetBase - 1-Year Extended Warranty, Post Sale
    Dolphin 9500 HomeBase/ChargeBase/NetBase - 3-day turnaround, Annual Contract, Post Sale.
    Dolphin 9500 Battery, 2000 mAh Capacity (Compatible with Dolphin 9500 & 9550) (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
    Battery for Honeywell Dolphin 9500, 2400 mAh Capacity, Lithium Ion, 7.2V, Compatible with Dolphin 9500 / 9550 / 9900 & LXE MX6

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