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MP200 Mobile Printers

The UniTech MP200 has reached end of life.

The Unitech MP200 Mobile Printer provides rugged printing for your mobile sales or field crews. At just 1 lb, the MP200 is light enough to be clipped to a belt with ease, and prints receipts via IrDA, RS-232 Serial, or Bluetooth connections. As an added feature, Unitech has included the drivers for the MP200 in every PA500 and PA600 they sell, making for an easy to set up combination.

  • Prints at up to 2" per second
  • Charger, Belt Clip, and Paper roll included
  • Can print up to nine paper rolls per charge
  • Supports 8-bit graphic printing, custom fonts, and logo downloading
  • Withstands multiple 5-foot drops
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