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What's in the Box: ZQ52-BUW0010-00 ZQ521 4" Mobile Printer, Dual Radio BT and WiFi, Linered Platen, Order Battery Separately.
More Information: Zebra ZQ511/ZQ521 Part Number:

This is a listing for individual item ZQ52-BUW0010-00

ZQ511/ZQ521 ZQ52-BUW0010-00 ZebraZebra
Part Specifications:
  • Radio: Dual Radio BT & Wifi
  • Platen Type: Linered
  • Battery: Standard Battery
  • Print Width: 4"

The ZQ52-BUW0010-00 is not one of this product's most popular models.

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KIT ACC ZQ610/620 SPARE SMART BATTERY (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
Zebra Mobile Printer AC Adapter Kit. Compatible with ZQ510, ZQ511, ZQ520, ZQ521, ZQ610, ZQ620, ZQ630, ZQLn220, QLn320 and QLn420 Mobile Printers. Printer Not Included.
3 slot battery charger; ZQ600, QLn and ZQ500 Series; Includes power supply and US power cord
1 slot battery charger for ZQ600, QLn and ZQ500 Series and US power cord
Zebra OneCare, Essential, Purchased within 30 days of Printer, 3 Day TAT NA MX 5 DAY TAT EMEA APAC, ZQ511, ZQ521, 3 Years, Comprehensive