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DataLogic 82101-0812-001040A

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What You Get: 82101-0812-001040A Magellan 8200 Scanner only, Grey with Short Top, RS-232 Serial Interface (Requires interface and power cables, Parts 8-0730-04 and 7-0751)
More Information: DataLogic Magellan 8200 Aggressive In-Counter Scanner/Scale Part Number: This is a listing for individual item 82101-0812-001040A Magellan 8200 82101-0812-001040A DataLogic DataLogic

The 82101-0812-001040A is one of this product's most popular models.

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Power Supply and A/C Line Cord, for POT USB, IBM
RS-232 Interface Cable, WN Beetle, 15'
Magellan 2-Year Extended Warranty (must be purchased within 15 days of scanner purchase)
RS232 Serial Cable, 15 Feet, DB9 Female, PC D-SUB 9-Pin for the Magellan
Port 9B/IBM Cable, 4 Pin, ROHS (15 Feet)
Magellan USB Interface Cable, 15 Feet, Requires Power Supply 11-0286
US Power Supply Kit for Magellan 8400 (Includes Power Supply and Line Cord)

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