Honeywell HF680

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HF680 Presentation Barcode Scanners

Honeywell HF680 is a 2D area-imaging scanner that can easily read various standards of 1D, PDF, and 2D Symbologies. With a revolutionary design, this rugged and durable product enhances productivity and performance for the customer. HF680 features Hybrid Imaging Technology, making it compatible with various LCD and OLED smartphone screens and paper-based product barcodes. Frequent switching of scanning modes by the user is not required, significantly boosting the decoding range and improving efficiency. This product applies to various workplaces, such as manufacturing facilities, medical treatment and healthcare facilities, and retail POSs. HF680 supports various interfaces, providing plug-and-play simplicity with convenience and speed.

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  • User-friendly LED lightning design
  • Compatible with Ruby Verifone and Sam4s
  • Great decoding performance
  • Support for decoding in various extreme conditions
  • Lengthy useful life with 40,000 hrs and 3-year warranty

Honeywell HF680 Reviews

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Product Video Transcript

hello everyone this is colton with and today we're going to be taking a look at the new honeywell hf 680 uh presentation scanner uh the scanner here was kind of designed to replace and consolidate a lot of honeywell's presentation line of scanners so things like the orbit here uh the fusion and the genesis i got to admit i really like this scanner here uh from a price perspective you're not going to get much better when it comes to presentation scanners uh it it comes in cheaper than just about anything else in honeywell's presentation line of products and the cool thing is that it doesn't sacrifice on performance i think that this unit is on par and even better than a lot of similar products that come in at higher price tags so you're really getting a good bang for your buck here going into the basics on this unit one it's a 2d presentation scanner meaning that it's always on and you're going to be able to get that omnidirectional scanning so you can take a barcode like this it's gonna you know scan without you having to pull the trigger and you can also do it at other angles which is really cool so do it upside down off to the left and what's really cool about these uh is that you can actually scan barcodes that are on screens so pop it on there you can see a pull up right there uh and that's really nice if you're doing anything with like coupons you can have customers come in pull it up and it scans right away so you're going to save a lot of time than having to manually punch in those coupon codes the hf680 was also designed to be able to read bench bar codes barcodes with water droplets on them or a partially damaged barcodes uh which is pretty standard with other 2d codes but uh doing some testing with it i found that it's pretty consistent and can kind of you know scan some pretty messed up codes so uh definitely a really good performing scanner here uh i think it works better than the orbit if you look at the scanner array on it the pixels on it it's like a 1280 by 920 which is a lot better than you're getting with the orbit that comes in at over a hundred dollars more so again a really great value appearance wise uh the hf 680 looks a little similar to the orbit here it kind of has this uh circular head uh you're gonna get uh the leds on the front so it's illuminating things that are being scanned uh and it also has a really cool pivot here so you can pivot the scan angle which is always fun uh the unit comes in both black and white i don't have the white one here but i'll pop a photo right there so you can take a look at it they come both colors come in a usb configuration which we're currently using to connect to the computer but they also come with a serial connection which isn't too common nowadays especially in newer models uh and the another reason i really like this scanner is the compatibility it's going to be compatible with things like the ruby veraphone system sam 4s sharp registers which uh you don't see a lot in new scanners and there's kind of been a lack of them recently so i'm super excited to have something with really good performance and a really good price tag uh that can kind of fill in that niche uh and finally i'm a big fan of this unit uh because of the reliability that it has it's rated to work for 40 000 hours and it has a three-year manufacturer warranty that protects it from defects so if this is something you're interested in or you want to learn more about the unit definitely give us a call uh our sales reps and our sales engineers are here to help and kind of you know guide you through and get you connected with one of these units thank you so much for tuning in and i'll see you next time