Honeywell HF680

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Hand-free scanner kit, 2D, white; 1.5m RS232 host cable (50152259-001), US plug (50130784-001) , level VI 5.2V1A Wall PS (50129395-002)
Hand-free scanner kit, 2D, Black; 1.5m RS232 host cable (50152259-001), US plug ( 50130784-001)Xlevel VI 5.2V1A Wall PS (50129395-002)
Hand-free Scanner Kit, 2D, white; 1.5m USB host cable (50152257-001), global SKU

HF680 Presentation Barcode Scanners

Honeywell HF680 is a 2D area-imaging scanner that can easily read various standards of 1D, PDF and 2D Symbologie. With a revolutionary design, this rugged and durable product enhances productivity and performance for the customer. HF680 features Hybrid Imaging Technology, making it compatible with various LCD and OLED smart-phone screens and paper-based product barcodes. Frequent switching of scanning modes by the user is not required, significantly boosting the decoding range and improving efficiency. This product applies to various workplaces, such as manufacturing facilities,medical treatment and healthcare facilities, and retail POSs. HF680 supports various interfaces, providing plug-and-play simplicity with convenience and speed.

  • User-friendly LED lightning design
  • Great decoding performance
  • Support for decoding in various extreme conditions
  • Lengthy useful life with 40,000 hrs and 3-year warranty

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