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HF800 Presentation Barcode Scanners

With Honeywell's state-of-the-art technology in encoding and decoding, the HF800 fixed-mount 2D industrial scanner enables a wide array of high-performance scanning applications. Powerful barcode reading algorithm and industrial hardware design contribute to the high decoding efficiency of the HF800. Quick and easy configuration enables optimized reading with one click. Flexible accessory options and software configurations enable high-performance scanning in a wide array of settings and environments in a more economic way.

The scanner's imager is capable of collecting images at 60 fps and features an exceptional DPM decoding algorithm. In addition, its compact size and IP65 protection rating make it ideal for use in an industrial environment. A 0-degree and 90-degree version for vertical or horizontal mounting can be selected based on the site’s actual working needs. The device is integrated with Ethernet RS232, and RS485 ports, allowing it to plug into most industrial settings.

Product Specifications
Dimension Horizontal: 54.5*52.5*29mm Vertical: 73.2*52.5*29mm
Weight Horizontal: 210g Vertical: 265g
Housing Material Zinc alloy
Imager 838x640, CMOS chip, Global shutter
Motion Tolerance 2.5 m/s - 60FPS
Communications RS232, R S485 and Ethernet ports
Power Standard 10VDC-30VDC
Power Drawn Max 5W
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC to 70ºC
Decode Ranges Please See Spec Sheet

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