Cherry MX 6.0 Keyboard

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MX6.0 USB, Black keys & Brushed Aluminum housing, 104+4 key US Intl layout, Red MX keyswitches with red backlighting, palm rest

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MX 6.0 Keyboard, Black with 104 +4 International Key Layout, 17.5", RK Technology, MX Red Keyswitches, Gold Crosspoint Contacts, USB Interface
This model has reached end of life.
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MX 6.0 Keyboard

Declared the world's fastest keyboard, Cherry's MX 6.0 keyboard is the ideal choice for all keyboard enthusiasts. Having CHERRY's MX technology of Gold Crosspoint precision module for all keys and CHERRY's patented RealKey technology with fully analog signal processing, the MX 6.0 stands alone at the top of performance, precision and speed. Additional features such as red LED key backlights with adjustable brightness and a rubber palm rest with a quick-snap magnetic connector make the MX 6.0 the keyboard to have.

  • Red Keyswitch
  • Win-Key deactivation
  • Full N-Key rollover - 100 % anti-ghosting
  • Red Dimmable Backlights
  • Gaming
  • Professional Data Input
  • Executive Administrators
  • Very Fast Typists

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