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New West Mobile Suite Pro

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Mobile Suite Pro POS Software

The New West Mobile Suite Pro has reached end of life.

New West Mobile Suite Pro software combines Mobile Cashier and Mobile Manager to give you a complete mobile pos solution for Microsoft RMS and POS-based systems. Your inventory and customers might not always be within close reach of your POS System, and so Mobile Suite Pro is the ideal way to take the point of sale to them.

Mobile Cashier
Excellent for trade shows, farmers markets, or any location where long lines must be avoided, Mobile Cashier enables your employees ring up customers wherever it's convenient. While in offline mode, Mobile Cashier can ring up sales, then batch process them at the end of the day. If you have wireless or cellular internet access, Mobile Cashier offers real-time card processing and inventory updates.

Mobile Manager
With Mobile Manager, you get a robust inventory management suite capable of labeling, tracking, and managing your inventory, as well as creating work and purchase orders. When coupled with wireless infrastructure, Mobile Manager can provide real-time updates, ensuring out of stock products aren't accidentally sold and reorders can be made promptly. Advanced reporting tools give you greater insight into your stocking process, allowing you to better optimize ordering and minimize stock excesses.

Mobile Requirements
• PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5, or Windows Mobile 6.0
• QVGA Screen Resolution
• Printing: any printer that accepts ASCII Labels

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