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Elo TouchSystems 15A2

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15A2 POS Computers

The Elo TouchSystems 15A2 has reached end of life.

Elo's 15A2 touchscreen computer provides a silent and easy to use solution for restaurants, retail, and hospitality locations. The crisp 15" touchscreen comes equipped with Resistive, Intellitouch, Infrared, or Acoustic touch technologies, ensuring proper use in any environment. Available with Windows XP Pro or WePOS, the 15A2 is compatible with major applications, with the the 1 GHz Intel processor handling them with ease. 1 GB or RAM standard, upgradeable to 2 GB, allows for easy loading of the largest of databases, making the Elo 15A2 a solid and versatile computer for a variety of businesses.

  • 1 GHz Intel Celeron M Processor
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro, WePOS
  • 1 GB RAM, upgradeable to 2 GB
  • Fanless design for quiet use and dust resistance
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    17A2 2GB Compact Flash Memory
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    17A2 Power Supply Brick, 12V DC
    17A2 Replacement 80GB 2.5" Sata Hard Drive
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    17A2 Wireless Card, MiniPCI Kit
    17A2 512MB Memory Upgrade, DDR2 SODIMM 200 Pin PC2-3200
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    17A2 1GB Memory Upgrade, DDR2 SODIMM 200 Pin PC2-3200 400MHz

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