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Bundled POS Kits

Retail Kits

* Mac POS Kit product image

From: $675.00

Mac POS Kit

With the Mac POS Kit, you can convert your Mac OS X computer into a fully functional POS system. The hardware included in the kit is designed for compatibility with Mac OS X, ensuring easy setup and use for your business.

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* QuickBooks POS Kit product image

From: $715.00

QuickBooks POS Kit

QuickBooks POS is a fantastic tool for taking payment at your business. Our QuickBooks POS Kit includes the hardware to streamline the payment process, turning your own PC into a full POS system, including barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer.

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* Microsoft POS Kit product image

From: $945.00

Microsoft POS Kit

Designed with Microsoft POS 2009 compatibility in mind, the Microsoft POS Kit has the tools you need to convert your PC into a powerful POS system. The barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer included in the kit have been tested with Microsoft POS 2009, ensuring ease of setup and ease of use.

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* CRE Kit product image

From: $705.00


Built to work with PCAmerica's Cash Register Express, the CRE kit is an affordable way to turn your PC into a POS system running PCAmerica's great retail software. The included barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer offer the ease of use and reliability you need for retail success.

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POSGuys.com Square Stand POS Kit product image

From: $550.00

Square Stand POS Kit

The Square Stand point of sale kit leaves the guess work out of purchasing compatible hardware that is reliable and looks fantastic with the Square Stand. These kits are designed for customers who need every part to just a few pieces to make a complete Square Stand register.

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* Square Register Retail Kit product image

From: $185.00

Square Register Retail Kit

The Square Register Retail Kit is the ideal way to add point of sale operations while taking payments using Square. The hardware included is designed for maximum compatibility with tremendous ease of installation and use.

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* Retail POS Kit product image

From: $695.00

Retail POS Kit

The Retail POS Kit gives you the POS hardware best suited to work with most POS software packages. The included barcode scanner, receipt printer, card reader, and cash drawer provide easy setup and reliable performance, keeping your POS system running smoothly for years.

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* OPOS Kit product image

From: $769.00


The OPOS kit has been built to support POS software that requires OPOS-compliant hardware. OPOS provides an easy method for POS software to access your peripherals, all from a single interface.

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Restaurant Kits

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Additional Bundled POS Kits Information

If you already have a PC, iPad or tablet and are looking to convert it to a full POS System, a bundled POS Kit is a fantastic option. Having a POS System at your business can save you a tremendous amount of time; inventory can be automatically managed, as well as sales and employee hours, freeing you to work on optimizing the customers' experience at your business. These kits include the hardware you need, and optional software if you want, eliminating the hassle of searching for compatible hardware.

POSGuys.com carries POS Kits specially designed for a variety of applications, including general retail & restaurant kits. If you have specific software needs in mind, we also offer kits built to meet their compatibility needs as well. Available as standalone packages or with the POS software included, these kits are an easy and affordable way to upgrade POS operations at your business.

Retail Kits

Square Register Kit

Square Register is a unique and affordable way to convert your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device into a payment terminal/POS station. Our Square Register Kit comes with the hardware you need to take cash payment and provide proof of sale to your customer.

Mac POS Kit

Using your Mac as POS computer can be tricky. Thankfully our Mac POS Kit has the hardware designed to work with Mac OS X. The included barcode scanner, receipt printer, and card reader are compatible with most Mac OS X-based POS software, making setup a snap.


PCAmerica's Cash Register Express software is an affordable and easy to use solution for convenience stores, clothing retailers, or any business that may want to add additional stations in the future. The CRE Kit includes the same hardware we use in our CRE-based POS Systems, so you know that you will have a great experience.

QuickBooks POS Kit

QuickBooks POS provides an easy to use interface and integration with QuickBooks accounting software, making it easy to add point of sale operations to an existing QuickBooks installation. Our kit has the hardware most compatible with QuickBooks POS, as well as options with the software included.

Microsoft POS Kit

With Microsoft POS 2009, you get an incredibly powerful and scalable point of sale solution, with similarities to Microsoft Office. With support for countless lanes, POS 2009 is a great solution for larger department stores or grocers.


OPOS is a driver platform to consolidate control of POS peripherals to a single interface, making it easier for select POS software to communicate with the hardware. Microsoft RMS is an example of OPOS-reliant POS software. The OPOS Kit is a fantastic choice in this instance, as it uses hardware designed to take advantage of the OPOS platform.

Retail POS Kit

For most POS software, the Retail POS Kit is a great fit. We've picked the hardware compatible with most retail use, giving you the ease of use & durability necessary to keep any retailer going strong.

Restaurant Kits

Amigo POS Restaurant Kit

Dine-in and delivery restaurant services are easy with Amigo POS. Our kit includes two receipt printers and a touchscreen computer, ensuring easy order entry and quick notification of orders to kitchen or bars. With Amigo and our kit, you gain a powerful way to manage your restaurant.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Kit

Aldelo has two available versions: Pro for dine-in or full-service dining, or Lite for quick service or take-out operations. Our Aldelo Kit has the hardware ideal for either installation, ensuring you have the tools at your disposal to run your restaurant efficiently and easily.

Restaurant POS Kit

Our Restaurant POS Kit has the hardware compatible with most restaurant software on the market. Built with long-lasting utility and ease of use in mind, these components will give you plenty of years of fantastic service.

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