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Additional Information on POS-X

POS-X manufactures a full line of point of sale equipment, including cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, pole displays, magnetic stripe readers, touch screen computers, and lcd touch screen monitors. If you are looking to create a unified look for your point of sale station and want the quickest setup on the market, then POS-X is an excellent choice.

POS-X’s cash drawer line covers medium and heavy duty use with the POS-X Xc16 and the POS-X Xc19, respectively. Both cash drawers are printer-driven and utilize interchangeable cables, allowing for easy installation in any location. Their drawers support POS-X, Epson, Star, Citizen, and Ithaca printers, and are backed by an unmatched 3-year warranty.

POS-X barcode scanners include handheld units in the entry-level, mid-range, and cordless BlueTooth classes. Ideal for low-volume retail environments, the POS-X Xi1000 scanner features easy configuration and great durability. The POS-X Xi3000 mid-level scanner features fast scanning and a ruggedized body, allowing it to shine in medium-volume retail and light industrial applications. For cordless scanners, the POS-X Xi3000BT utilizes the fast scanning of the corded Xi3000 but extends the range to 150’ from the computer system with a powerful Class 1 BlueTooth radio. Each scanner is backed by a 1 to 5 year warranty and excellent tech support.

For receipt printing, POS-X has you covered. Their Xr200 impact receipt printer features a sturdy design and easy installation, perfect for kitchen printing or credit slips. The POS-X Xr500 thermal receipt printer features fast accurate printing via all common interface types, giving you crisp receipts wherever you need them. Both units feature an unsurpassed 3-year warranty.

The POS-X Xm90 magnetic stripe reader features a compact, lightweight design and can connect via USB, PS/2, or even Serial connections. Easy to use configuration software is available for modification of data that is sent to your computer, giving the Xm90 added versatility beyond simple credit card reading.

POS-X touch screen monitors provide tremendous value for their price. Built with 5-wire resistive technology and housing designed for rough environments, the POS-X touch screen monitor line fits seamlessly into any retail or restaurant POS system.

POS-X POS computers combine the value of their touch screen line with PC components, creating an elegant restaurant or retail solution in a small footprint. Constructed with durable components, your choice of operating system, fan or fanless ventilation, and optional mounted MSR or customer display, these computers deliver performance and flexibility in a single streamlined unit.

For pole displays, the POS-X Xp8000 provides a single solution for multiple POS requirements. Built with a bright VF display capable of 20 characters per 2 lines and 9 standard display emulations, the POS-X Xp8000 meets virtually any compatibility need.

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