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Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D

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Qaliber Lite RP-D Receipt Printer

The Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D10 receipt printer provides a great combination of performance and affordability. Ideal for medium volume printing, such as pharmacies, smaller retailers, and some restaurants, the RP-D10 offers a variety of interfaces and driver support.

The direct thermal RP-D10 prints receipts at up to 7.87" per second, fast enough for most retail checkstands. Print speed can be adjusted between low speed for graphics and high speed mode for text, with the option to vary speeds to ensure crisp, proper printouts.

The printer is Energy Star compliant, meaning it uses less electricity than other printers on the market. To minimize paper waste, the RP-D10 has reduced the top margin of receipts to 2 mm and even supports shrinking printouts to support 58 mm wide receipts. If you are looking to cut down on your electrical bills or minimize your ecological impact, the RP-D10 is a great start.

Available with your choice of USB, Serial, or Ethernet interfaces, the RP-D10 supports both new installations and legacy replacements alike. Driver support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 ensures compatibility with most POS Systems on the market. Additional OPOS and POS for .Net support further expands the RP-D10's use, making it a drop-in solution for many retailers.

Seiko built the RP-D10 to handle most applications, providing durability and longevity for many years. The auto-cutter is rated for 1.5 million cuts, while the friction feed system will operate for up to 62 miles of printed receipts. Shipping with a 2 year warranty, the Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D10 will provide any business many years of reliable service.

  • 7.87" per second printing
  • USB, Serial, Ethernet Interfaces available
  • Driver support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, OPOS, POS for .NET
  • Autocutter rated at 1.5 million cuts
  • 2-year warranty

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