Seiko Qaliber RP-E

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Qaliber RP-E Receipt Printer

The Seiko Qaliber RP-E receipt printer offers tremendous performance, designed to handle the busiest of retailers. Available with a variety of interfaces and your choice of top-loading or front-loading, the RP-E is a versatile solution for high volume retail, restaurant, and hospitality locations alike.

This direct thermal receipt printer meets the needs of the most demanding businesses. With a print speed of nearly 14 inches per second, the RP-E will keep lines moving smoothly and efficiently. The printer supports ESC/POS command sets, ensuring compatibility with most POS software platforms.

Seiko built the Qaliber RP-E to provide countless years of reliable service. The auto-cutter lifespan is rated at 2 million cuts, while the print head provides 99 miles of printed receipts. Shipping with a 3-year warranty standard, the Seiko Qaliber RP-E is a smart choice for any business.

  • 13.9" per second print speed
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet interfaces
  • ESC/POS compatible
  • Auto-cutter rated at 2 million cuts
Product Specifications
Dimensions 5.07" x 5.07" x 5.07"
Weight 2.86 lbs
Color Options Black, White
Interface USB, RS-232 Serial, Ethernet
Print Method Direct Thermal
Print Speed 13.9" per second
Print Resolution 203 dpi
OPOS Compatible Yes
Operating Temperature 41° to 113° F
Print Head Life 99.4 miles printed
Auto Cutter Lifespan 2 million cuts
Auto Cutter Yes

Seiko Qaliber RP-E Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

At 5 inches to a side, the Qaliber RP-E is one of the smallest high performance printers on the market. If you need a fast printer but are short on space, this is a great choice.

Customer Reviews

Product Video Transcript

Seiko Qaliber RP-E Video

Hi this is Travis with Today we're looking at the Seiko Qaliber printer. Seiko is a new receipt printer manufacturer. They previously were doing the internals for different printer manufacturers but now have decided to release their own line of printers. The Qalibers biggest benefit is its size. It's five inches all around. If you look at an older receipt printer you'll see how big they used to be.

The Seiko also has some unique features, this LED bar can be changed to a few different colors. It's blue right now, we've tried it as red, you can do yellows. It is in the driver set up so you can change the color of that. It's a drop in load in printer. Take your receipt paper, your receipt, pull it out, drop it in and you are good to go. Auto cutter is built in as well. This has been designed to be either a front loader or a side loader. You can drop it on its side here and it prints just fine.

Speed on it is great. It prints around 12 inches per second. I'll do a test page here to show you the speed. You can see very fast print speed. It uses Epson emulation. There are also other emulations available, you can configure it in the drivers. The drivers for it are pretty self explanatory and easy to use. There are multiple tabs which have different features which makes configuring it very easy to do.

The Seiko comes in a few different interfaces. This is the USB interface. It's not interchangeable though, so whatever you buy today is the interface you are stuck with. Cash drawer port is also built in if you are using it with a cash drawer. This is the Seiko Qaliber receipt printer. It is a fast printer and a very small size, 5 inches all around, the LED is configurable and it features drop in loading, top loading or you can also use it as a front loader if you want to put the printer under a counter, or something like that. For more information on the Seiko Qaliber or to purchase please visit us at

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