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Parallel Cables and Power Backup

Parallel cables are primarily used to connect computers to printers and other peripherals. Parallel ports can host different numbers of connector pins, in different arrangements which means that when ordering, the ends of the cable must be clearly specified. Some examples of Parallel cable ends include DB-25 (25 connector pins), DB-9 (9 connector pins), and Centronics 36 (36 connector pins).

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Parallel cables have been around since the 1970s and are primarily being replaced by the USB interface. In some cases they are still necessary where technology has yet to accommodate the popular USB or Universal Serial Bus interface.

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6-Foot Parallel Printer Cable, DB25M/CENT36M, Beige

Additional Models

6-Foot Parallel Printer Cable for the TransAct Technologies 60-90-150 Series Printers (25-Pin to 25-Pin with Connectors)
6-Foot Printer Cable, Beige, 6' DB25 M/M Serial RS232 Cable
Interface:Straight Through
Parallel Printer Cable, Beige, 10ft DB25 Male to Centronics 36 Male Parallel Printer Cable
50-Foot Parallel Printer Cable: End DB-25 Male & End Centronics 36 Male (DB25M/CENT36M), Beige


6ft USB To C36 Parallel Printer Adapter Cable

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