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Serial to Serial Adaptors

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Serial to Serial Adaptors Cables and Power Backup

Serial adaptors help eliminate costly hardware incompatibilities. Plug the adapter into the original port and your interface compatibility problem is solved. If you are unsure of what interface your device needs check the user manual or contact us.

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Serial Adapter: DB9 Male to DB25 Female (DB9M/DB25F)
Serial Adapter: DB9 Female to DB25 Male (DB9F/DB25M)
Serial Adapter: DB25 Female to DB9 Female (DB25F/DB9F) - Converts Transact Technologies 50 Series to 150 Series
Parallel Adapter: Centronics 36-Pin Female to DB 25-Pin Male (CENT36F/DB25M)
Serial Adapter: DB9 Male to DB25 Male (DB9M/DB25M)