Wi-Fi N Adapter

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Wi-Fi N Adapter Cables and Power Backup

The * Wi-Fi N Adapter has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the * Universal Wi-Fi - Ethernet Transmitter.

The IOGEAR Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter allows any ethernet device to become a wi-fi enabled device. Now you can wirelessly connect to your ethernet printer. Device requires a router and wifi network. You will need a PC to configure the device initially

  • WPS Push Button Wi-Fi Setup available (manual setup available for non-wps setups)
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Secure
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty*
Click Here for Installation Instructions (PDF)

* Wi-Fi N Adapter Reviews

POSGuys Rating: Not Rated

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Product Video Transcript

Ethernet to WiFi Converter Product Review Video

Hi, Travis from POSGuys.com. Today we're reviewing a new accessory that we started carrying. This is an Ethernet to WiFi converter, and basically what it does is it takes just about any Ethernet-based device, like a receipt printer, and makes it in to a Wi-Fi compatible device. It'll work just like it does when it's wired, but it becomes cordless. So the way that you plug it in is that you take your Ethernet connection, this is an Ethernet Star printer, it's plugged in, you take the cable, and then you just plug in your Ethernet cable in to an adapter. There's an AC adapter, or you can use USB to power it. Once it's powered, it'll behave just like its a wired device.

I have my tablet running basic point of sale software, I'll print a little test page, and then it printed it just like it did when it was connected with the Ethernet, but now that its WiFi based, anywhere where I have a WiFi signal I can plug in this printer, so its a little more flexible and you don't have to run cords.

The device is pretty cheap, its under $50 right now for it, and then it works with just about anything. We tested it on a few different printers, we tested it on some non-printers, and it works pretty good. Configuration of it will require a Windows PC, and you're going to have to have a little bit of network knowledge on how to do a static IP and getting it set up. Once it's set up, it's good to go, you can power it down, power it up, move it to different devices and it'll work great. I'll make a separate video on configuring it, and if you run into trouble, you can always talk to our tech support department, which will be happy to help. This is the new WiFi converter from IOGEAR, available on our website POSGuys.com. Thank you

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