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mUnite Tablets

Take back your counter with the sleek mUnite stands and mCollection devices from Star. The mUnite stands maintain a clean design while hiding all the cables that keep your devices connected, routing power supplies under the counter to recapture your counter space.

Perfect for POS and self-service usage, match your business needs with the mCollection solution and mUnite tablet stand that is right for you. Accommodating the mC-Print3, mPOP, and TSP100III/TSP600II, the mUnite stands are also compatible with PromoPRNT, allowing you to power your transactions with custom, on-receipt promotions. Built to enable businesses to enrich their marketing efforts, the mUnite stands feature a branding plate that is designed to highlight a brand logo or other marketing graphics. Additionally, to improve the customer experience, mUnite stands are easy to tilt for order review, signature capture, and more. Extend the mUnite experience with an optional customer-facing touch display.

Different models for Different Use Cases

EZPOS: For an attractive, sleek addition to your point-of-sale space, the mUnite EZPOS helps lessen unnecessary bulkiness while providing a stable, secure surface for any Star printer or cash drawer. Its cutting-edge design keeps any cables off of your checkout counter, giving a clean, fresh presentation to customers.

MUNITE-3Compact and with wire management, the mUnite-3 is great for retail counters, hospitality, and more. Made for the mC-Print3

MUNITE-POSMade for the TSP100III, TSP650II series the mUnite-POS is a compact option for cafes, restaurants, retail and more.

EZ100Providing security and durability for your entire POS system, the mUnite EZ100 keeps your counter area clean while providing protective housing for your TSP100, TSP600, or TSP700 series printer. With a modern, space-saving design, the stand also keeps cables together and off of the counter. There’s also a customer-facing option to easily add another tablet if desired.

EZ3The innovative design of the mUnite EZ3 provides a clean, tidied look to your entire point-of-sale system. The stand not only boasts protective housing for our mC-Print3, but the EZ3 also keeps all wires together and off the countertop. There’s also a convenient customer-facing option on the opposite side for an extra tablet.

MUNITE-POPReady for the mPOP cash drawer, the mUnite-POP is sleek and tidy. With cable management, have your all-in-one setup with a cash drawer, printer, and tablet.

    Highlighted Features
  • Supports Any Tablet or Touchscreen Computer
  • Supports mC-Print3, mPOP, TSP100, and TSP650II Printers
  • Universal VESA Mounting
  • Clean Cable Management
  • Easy to Tilt for Customer Interactions
  • Supports Two Screens
Product Specifications
Weight mUnite 3: 7.4 lbs mUnite POP: 6.8 lbs mUnite POS: 4.4 lbs
Dimensions H x W x D mUnite 3: 14.8 (H) x 6.3 (W) x 8.5 (D) mUnite POP: 14.0 (H) x 12.9 (W) x 11.3 (D) mUnite POS: 14.1 (H) x 6.9 (W) x 8.1 (D)
VESA Mount Capable Compatible with VESA mount (75mm, 100mm)
Material Type Stainless steel

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