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TekLynx is a leader in software manufacturing and produces software for a range label creation needs. The Label Matrix QuickDraw and the LabelView software gives you options for your label creation. The Label Matrix QuickDraw software gives you advanced printing, design, and database features with Ease of Use and support for over 1000 thermal and thermal transfer printers.

The TekLynx LabelView Software, with its three editions, gives you a wide range of capabilities to covers label creation jobs big and small. The software supports 13 languages, over 30 barcode symbologies, and over 1000 thermal and laser printers. The LabelView Basic Edition is designed for a single user, the Gold Edition adds security settings, databases, and ODBC, and the Gold Network Editions supports multiple users. Decide what your software needs are and find the TekLynx software to match!

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