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TPG A758 Printer

TPG A758 Printer

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Thermal Printer Group, or TPG, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Thermal and Impact printers for point of sale needs. Their state of the art products make them a staple in any retail/POS environment.

The TPG A798, A799, and A794 Thermal Printers come with a range of print speed, graphics abilities, and color options. The A798 is a durable reliable thermal printer that will stand the test of time, though it does not have graphics, color, or high speed printing. If you are looking for a thermal printer with speed and advanced skills, check out the A799 and A794. Both feature high speed printing, 9.98” per second and 40 lines per second, respectively. The A799 also has two color or monochromatic printing ability for advanced graphic and logo printing. The A794 is the sports car of the TPG Thermal Printers, compact, responsive, and fast. If you are looking for quality and speed, look no further than the A794.

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