Bulk Barcode Generator Help

I Don't See Any Images

If you don't see any barcodes in your new excel file the most likely reason is because you selected a barcode format that doesn't allow the characters you're trying to barcode to be included. To test this try using QR or CODE 128. If you still do not see any barcodes please contact us.

It Tells me Not All Content Was Encoded

This is just a warning in case you need to generate a barcode for every field. The barcodes are still in your file that we could generate. This warning has a false positive if you have empty rows at the end of your file.

It Keeps Telling Me I Have to Upload a File

Please ensure that you have cookies enabled. If you do not our server cannot keep track of your request as it's processed through the various steps.

Your Tool Removed My Macros and/or Functions

For various security reasons we do not allow macros or functions to be passed through our processor at this time. You are welcome to add them back into the new Excel file. In the event that you are barcoding the result of a function this is OK, the result will be properly barcoded.


How long is my data stored?

We upload your data to our secure storage for processing. It is kept for 48 hours to give you time to download your file. After that it is permanently deleted from our servers.

Who can access my files?

Outside of our application no one has direct access to files that you upload to this service. They are stored an a private location for processing and only your session has access to that location.

How are my files used?

Your files are only used to generate the requested barcodes. While our system has to read and process the data in your files at no point is it shared or stored for any other reasons.