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What is PayPros?


What is PayPros?


PayPros, previously Payment Processing Incorporated or PPI, is a merchant account provider, integrating POS systems with industry leading payment processing software and 24/7 support. Simplified, PayPros facilitates payment by way of credit, debit, EBT, gift card and electronic check.

In exchange for securely processing transactions and providing 24/7 technical and merchant account support, PayPros charges a variable transaction fee. The rate of the fee is determined by comparing average transaction volume to average transaction earnings.  This custom analysis of specific business needs ensures that the rate will be a comfortable fit.  If for some reason the transaction fee is not satisfactory PayPros is always willing to negotiate, matching or beating any competitor estimates.

New merchant accounts receive free hardware (payment terminal) and software for processing payments. To apply for a merchant account through PayPros simply submit this online form and one of their friendly sales representatives will contact you. (Allow for one to two business days before a PayPros representative contacts you.)

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