How Our RFID Solutions Can Improve Your Operation

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Quicker Scanning

RFID tags eliminate the need for a direct line-of-site with the barcode before it’s scanned. This is helpful if you need to scan items that are hard to reach, far away, or packaged in a box. They also dramatically speed up asset checks and inventory counts compared to a barcode setup.

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Real-Time Location & Sensor Tracking

Get real-time location data, aiding in locating assets or inventory within an operation. Integration with sensors allows you to measure temperatures, humidity, shock sensors, and more.

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Improved Accuracy

Since you're not relying on a human to scan individual codes, RFID eliminates more areas for human error. Studies have shown that implementing RFID can improve inventory accuracy by about 13%.

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Re-encodable Tags

RFID tags can be re-encoded, unlike barcodes which necessitate new labels for updates.

20 Years of Industry Experience You Can Trust

Thousands of businesses — big and small — have worked with us to manage their POS hardware and software. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and connections to deliver when your business needs it most. Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, or entertainment venue, we have solutions to meet your needs.

"Unless you are a search ninja and have time to read through mounds of manuals, just buy it from POSGuys. I thought I got what I needed but I didn't realize the product was missing an Ethernet card. POSGuys support guided me to the right product, and they helped me get it set up. Bravo!"

Andy J.
Savannah Lakes Village & Golf Clubs

"The professionalism, and dignity that I am treated with when placing an order, makes it easy for me to want to experience that over and over. Let's be real, I could go to Amazon, and do for a lot of things. However, these guys stand behind their word, and in my book that is worth supporting wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work!"

Sarah Z.
Plastic Printers

"POSGuys were able to help me when our own POS provider proved to be useless. They actually have technical knowledge to help you with issues or questions. And you can actually get through on the phone or via email! Very happy with my experience."

Kamilla G.
Vice President
OneWave Pro