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Code CR3600 CR3621-PKCXA

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What You Get: CR3621-PKCXA Code Reader 3600, Palm, Dark Gray, Bluetooth, Battery Charging Station with US Power Supply, Ext. Mod and USB
More Information: Code CR3600 This is an updated version of the original CR3500. This compact portable verifier is well built showing results on it's colored display. Depending on your state laws you can also automatically store the scans for an allotted time or discard data immediately after verifying it. Part Number: This is a listing for individual item CR3621-PKCXA CR3600 CR3621-PKCXA Code Code
Part Specifications:
  • Charge Base: Included with External Modem
  • Style: Palm
  • Interface: Bluetooth

The CR3621-PKCXA is not one of this product's most popular models.

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CR3600 Charging Station with 3' USB Charge Cable