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Code CR5000 Scanner & Verifier

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CR5000 Scanner & Verifier Age Verifiers

For a very simple age verification solution the Code CR5000 barcode reader will give you a good read/ bad read without a point of sale set up or connection.

**Please note - Only one option is available at this time that does age verification. This Age Verification Solution will not read a mag stripe on an id. It will only read the barcode and provide feedback via an audible tone. No data can be collected or recorded with out POS software connection (where data collection is permitted).

    Age Verification Features
  • Hands-free operation or optional trigger reading
  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Feedback ONLY with LED and Audible Tone Good Read Indicators
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wireless Communication (with T500 Cable)
  • Easy Pairing
    Scanner Features
  • Customizable Driver License Data Formatting for Loyalty and Credit Applications
  • Data Editing and Formatting with JavaScript
  • Reads Barcodes From Mobile Device Screens

Code CR5000 Scanner & Verifier Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Limited functionality as a standalone age verifier, can only beep if an ID meets criteria can not display info on that scan. As a barcode scanner it is decent, for a convenience store where you will be doing a lot of presentation scanning, scanning ID's, and scanning phone this would be a great idea.

Customer Reviews

Product Video Transcript

Code CR5000 Age Verifier Video

Hi, Travis at POSGuys.com. This is a quick look at the Code CR5000 barcode scanner/age verifier. It's a barcode scanner first, but it's actually a pretty smart barcode scanner, where it has some internal processing capabilities, and so you can do age verification with it. I have two IDs here, I have a one that's 21+, and then I have a bad ID here. When you scan the bad ID, you get a warning sound, and then if you scan the good ID, then you get a good sound. So if you're some kind of convenience store, or a club and you're doing merchandising, but you're also doing age verification, it's a good way to get a second set of eyes so to speak on the ID and you can just verify that it's a good ID by just going with the audible beeps, it doesn't send the data to the computer or anything like that, it just verifies whether it's good or bad. You can also use it like a normal barcode scanner, and scan regular barcodes with it, while doing the age verification at the same time.

Additionally, another nice feature of this barcode scanner is the use of the Bluetooth cable. So this is an accessory cable, it's totally optional, but if you want to be using the barcode scanner with a tablet, like an iPad that doesn't have USB ports, then you can buy the Bluetooth cable, and then once it's paired, it works like a normal Bluetooth barcode scanner. So this is plugged into my laptop, but this is just for power. It transmits through Bluetooth using this cable, so you an either use it plugged in with USB, or with Bluetooth cable, so a nice little accessory there if you want to use it with a tablet. For more information on the CR5000, please visit us at POSGuys.com.