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Viage CAV-3000 Series

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CAV-3000 Series Age Verifiers

The CAV-3000 age verifier series works to prevent the sales of restricted items to minors by taking the guess work out of ID checking. It eliminates the need to do math in your head when calculating a birth year and aids in the detection of fraudulent, altered, or expired IDs for the operator. The CAV-3000 series is not simply an age verifier but is also a magnetic stripe reader with some models having the ability to be incorporated into your total point-of-sale system.

What makes the CAV-3000 better then a stand alone magnetic stripe reader (MSR) is the increased security and free software that allows you to collect customer information while scanning. Information can later be used for marketing information, mailing labels, tracking VIP clients, loyalty systems and even tracking IDs that are banned.

The CAV-3000 features a rechargeable battery and power chord, a back-lit LCD screen, memory for data capture, easy to use menu options, remote upgrade and a PS-2 or serial interface.


  • Displays AGE and DATE of BIRTH of cardholder
  • Detects altered, expired and fraudulent IDs
  • Reads magnetic stripe (3-track card reader)
  • Barcode Scanner options available
  • Smart card reader & writer
  • Data capture (memory)
  • Remote upgrade
Additional Features
  • Portable & Compact
  • Stand alone unit (no hook up or additional hidden fees)
  • Easy to use menu options
  • PC Communication port
  • Rechargeable battery & power cord

Please note that the CAV-3000 series verifiers are only compatible in some states. Please see the different models to determine which one will work in your state.

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Product Specifications
Scan Method CAV-3500 scans 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and magnetic stripes (3-track)
Interface RS-232 built-in communication port - symbol synapse smart cable
Style Hands free stand and handheld mode
Power Source Rechargeable battery and power cord

Viage CAV-3000 Series Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

For those bars, restaurants, gas stations, and casinos who no longer want to risk costly ID mistakes. The 3000 series of age verifiers are fast and reliable, immediately reading the ID's information and alerting the user of necessary info. Depending on the application the verifier can also be used to generate customer reports, print mailing labels or even track banned or VIP customers.

Customer Reviews

Recommended Models

CAV-3200 Age Verifier: Magnetic Card Reader & Barcode Scanner (does not include stand)

Additional Models

CAV-3100 Age Verifier: Magnetic Card Reader Only (does not include stand) Will only work with DL/IDs that have a magnetic strip. Compatible States: Compatible States: US: AL, AZ, CA, CO, LA, MI, MN, NM, OH, PA, TX CANADA: BC


IC Card 1024K - 1000 Entries
Stand for CAV-3000 Series
Unit Cover, Belt Clip & Strap for CAV-3000 Series
Cleaning Card

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