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Epson Colorworks Labels

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Colorworks Labels Barcode Label Stock

Genuine Epson labels for the Epson Colorworks line of inkjet label printers. These labels are ideal for high-quality product labels, barcode labels, box labels for consumer products and more. Printouts are resistant to smearing, fading, water and many chemicals.

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Epson's entry level inkjet-label printer. Prints media up to 4.25" wide with 1200 dpi resolution. Ideal for Retail, healthcare, service industry, food and beverage, pharmacy, and visitor ID badges.


This model features a slightly faster print speed compared to the C4000 (4" per second vs 5" per second), along with an optional peeler accessory, increased roll capacity, and increased ink capacity. Ideal for manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, industrial use.


Many of the same features as the C6000 but with an 8.5" maximum print-width compared to 4.25" for the C4000/C6000 models. Ideal for manufacturing, warehouse, logistics and industrial use applications where larger-format printing is required.


Fastest label printing speed in the lineup - 11.8" per second compared to 5" per second with the C6000. Made for applications with high-volume, heavy-production requirements.

Note: Further Label Variations are made available by Third Party Label Manufacturers listed below Additional Models

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