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Zebra Direct Thermal Single Rolls

The pictures shown are general images for product Direct Thermal Single Rolls and may not be applicable to all part numbers

Direct Thermal Single Rolls Barcode Label Stock

Disclaimer: Most single roll options have been discontinued by the manufacture and are no longer available. We might be able to provide some single rolls depending on your size requirements. Please call our sales team for more information.

Z-Select 4000D Barcode Labels

Zebra's Z-Select 4000D barcode labels are a coated, direct thermal, bright white paper label with an all temperature acrylic based adhesive. These labels are capable of performing at temperatures as low as -20°F and are well suited for use on freezer grade materials. (See recommended models.)

Z-Select 4000D 7.5 Mil Paper Tags

Zebra's Z-Select 4000D tags are a coated, bright white, direct thermal, 7.5 mil, paper tag. All tags feature perforation between labels and a sensing notch. Some of the tags include a stringhole prepunched for convenient hanging. (See additional models.)

Z-Select 4000D Removable Labels

Zebra's Z-Select removable labels are a coated, direct thermal, bright white, paper label with removable acrylic adhesive. (See additional models.)

If a specific label size is not listed, please contact sales at 800-903-6571 or [email protected] and we can verify if it is available for sale.

Zebra Direct Thermal Single Rolls Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Single rolls of barcode labels are available for those enterprises with either limited barcode printing quantities or those who are uncertain of a project's specific media requirements. Once the necessary barcode label paper is confirmed via printing on a single roll, it is most economic to switch to purchasing by the carton (by the case).

Not all labels on POSGuys.com are available for sale in single roll quantity. If you do not see a particular label listed as a single roll please call 800-903-6571 and a sales associate will provide assistance.

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Recommended Models

(Single Roll) 2.25"W x 1.25"H Z-Select 4000D Labels: White with Perforation Between Labels, 2100 Labels/Roll
Label Height:1.25 in.
# of Labels:2,100
Label Width:2.25 in.
(Single Roll) 2"W x 1"H Z-Select 4000D Labels: White with Perforation Between Labels, 2,340 Labels/Roll
Label Height:1.00 in.
# of Labels:2,340
Label Width:2.00 in.
(Single Roll) 4"W x 6"H Z-Select 4000D Labels: White with No Perforation Between Labels, 475 Labels/Roll
Label Width:4.00 in.
# of Labels:475
Label Height:6.00 in.

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