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W-Class Barcode Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil W-Class has reached end of life.

The W-Class Printer has reached end of life. We recommend the Datamax O'Neil M-Class barcode printer.

The W-Class printer features an all-metal construction designed to withstand adverse work environments. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications in the automotive, chemical, transportation and paper-processing industries. It is equipped with a 32-bit 90-MHz true multi-tasking Motorola ColdFire processor and 16MB of standard memory, which provides accelerated first-label output and variable-data printing. It is an ideal printer for compliance labeling applications including ODETTE, EAN-128 and AIAG labels.

    Model Breakdown
  1. W-6208: 6.62" Print Width, 8" per second speed, 203 dpi, 2" - 6.7" label width
  2. W-6308: 6.40" Print Width, 6" per second speed, 300 dpi, 2" - 6.7" label width
  3. W-8306: 8.53" Print Width, 6" per second speed, 300 dpi, 3" - 9" label width
Product Specifications
Color Options Grey
Interface Centronics® Parallel port (IEEE 1284 compliant), RS232 at 300 to 38,400 BPS, optional Ethernet, Optional rs422
Print Method Direct thermal or thermal transfer
Print Speed W-6208 Model: 8 in / second
W-6308 Model: 8 in / second
W-8306 Model: 6 in / second
Print Resolution W-6208 Model: 203 dpi
W-6308 Model: 300 dpi
W-8306 Model: 300 dpi
Maximum Print Area W-6208 Model:
Width: 6.61 in
Length: 99 in

W-6308 Model:
Width: 6.4 in
Length: 99 in

W-8306 Model: Width: 8.5 in
Length: 99 in
Paper Dimensions W-6208 Model:
Width: 2 to 6.7 in
Roll Diameter: 8 in maximum

W-6308 Model:
Width: 2 to 6.7 in
Roll Diameter: 8 in maximum

W-8306 Model: Width: 3 to 9 in
Roll Diameter: 8 in maximum
Paper Thickness 0.0025 to 0.0100 in (0.0635 to 0.254 mm)
Character Set Modified IBM® Code Page 850; includes characters for English and most European, Scandinavian and Spanish speaking countries
Resident Fonts Ten alphanumeric fonts from .035" (.89mm) to .64" (16.26mm) including OCR-A, OCR-B, DPL font 9 will be CG Tr i u m v i r a t e ™ scalable font from AGFA® - All fonts expandable vertically and horizontally up to 24x; fonts and graphics can be printed in four directions: 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°
Graphics Printing .PCX, .BMP, .IMG format files Reversible field/mirror – Any font or graphic field can be printed as a normal or reverse image
Memory 2 MB Flash, 16 MB DRAM

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