Honeywell PC42t

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PC42t Barcode Printers

The Honeywell PC42t has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Honeywell PC43.

Simple yet effective, Honeywell's PC42t barcode printer is a great entry level printer. Ideal for businesses who need to print a handful of labels each day, the PC42t barcode printer is a reliable choice with a small price tag.

Quick and easy to set up, the PC42t is suited for businesses who don't have time to fuss with complicated label printers. Able to print thermal transfer or direct thermal labels allows you to chose between permanent and temporary labels to best match your costs to meet your needs. Printing at 4 inches per second with a 203 dpi, the PC42t delivers a lot of value at a very low price.

  • 203 dpi, 4 ips
  • Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal
  • USB, Parallel and Ethernet Options Available
  • Ribbon size available in 1/2" core or 1.5" core
  • Supports Media Up to 4.3"
  • ZPL-II, EPL Emulation and HW Direct Protocol

Don't forget the ribbon!

For compatible media please see Honeywell - Intermec Labels

For barcode software please see Barcode Label Software

Product Specifications
Two Color Printing Capabilities No
Dimensions 11.7 in x 8.9 in x 7.0 in (297 mm x 226 mm x 177 mm)
Weight 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
Interfaces Available USB
USB & Serial
USB, Serial & Ethernet
Print Method Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
Print Speed 4.0 ips / 101.6 mm/s
Print Resolution 203 dpi
Media Core: 1.0" or 1.5"
Max Diameter: 5"
Width: 1.0" to 4.3"
Ribbon Coated Side Out
Core: 1.0" or .5"
Max Diameter: 2.7"
Width: 1.0" to 4.3"
Length: 1.0" Core - 984', .5" Core - 246'
Maximum Print Width 4.1" (104.1 mm)
Drivers BarTender®
InterDriver Windows® Printer Driver
Printer Languages Direct Protocol (DP)
ESim (EPL)
Memory 64 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM
Auto Cutter No, Tear Bar Only
Peeler / Presenter No
Display 1 Feed Button and LED Display
Wall Mountable No
Operating Temperature +41°F to +104°F (+5°C to +40°C)
Software Included BarTender Basic - Honeywell
Warranty 1 Year

Honeywell PC42t Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Product Video Transcript

Honeywell PC42t Label Printer Video

Hi it's Travis with Today we're reviewing the Honeywell 42t. This is the first budget printer released under the Honeywell name. They have a few different printers available, however they were designed when Intermec and Datamax were their own separate companies. However, since they've merged with Honeywell, this is the first printer that they've released. And it's sort of a combination between Intermec technology and Datamax technology.

Overall, its a well designed printer. It's sort of a value type of printer, so the plastics on it aren't super thick, they aren't double walled, as you can see there's some flex there. It's also big. This is head on, this is from the side. Some of the best top printers are much more compact and small now. This one is a little bigger, but it also does thermal transfer and direct thermal. So because of that, those rollers just take up some room, so this is a bit bigger printer.

How does it work? It works pretty well. It prints 203 DPI and it prints 4 inches per second, which isn't bad, and that's what you expect from a value price printer. Being thermal transfer, it prints a little higher quality than just straight direct thermal. It also prints more permanently by using thermal transfer technology. And you can easily go between both direct thermal and thermal transfer. If you want to do your shipping labels with direct thermal and then product labels in thermal transfer, you can do that and it will transition between the different labels without problem.

I'm going to demonstrate the print speed, I'm going to print at 4 inches per second, I'm going print about 20 labels and this is the default print quality. So it prints pretty quickly. I'll hold up the labels to the camera. And it prints pretty good as well. The lines are crisp, it's easily readable. There's no smudging, there's no blurring. Overall, good print quality for a 203 DPI printer.

Calibrating the printer is very straightforward, when the printer is on you hold down the red button. And that's it. That will calibrate the labels, you hit the button and one label feeds out. To load the ribbon and change the ribbon, there's 2 clips. You pop the clips and then the print head comes up, and then this is where your ribbon loads. So you put one roll in the back that feeds it, pull it around the front, and then your take-up roll gets loaded on this side. It snaps in, and then you can use the little wheels to tighten in. That locked it down, close the cover, and you're ready to go.

So overall, would we recommend the Honeywell 42t? Yeah, we would if you're looking for a value printer. It's 203 DPI, which is pretty good for most situations, you can't print the ultra-small jewelry labels, but you can print most of your barcode labels. It's both direct thermal and thermal transfer, which is a bonus. Its sub 300 dollars, which is a great price for a label printer. It doesn't have the most durable plastics in the world, it doesn't have maybe the most advanced calibration in the world, and there are better printers made by Honeywell, including the ones that used to be Datamax, the ones that used to be Intermec, but as far as a value printer goes, it's not bad, I would definitely consider it if you're looking for a value-priced printer. To purchase the 42t, media for it, or labels, please visit us and Thanks!

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