Honeywell PC43

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PC43 Barcode Printers

This product replaces the older Honeywell PC23d.

The Intermec PC43 barcode printer puts powerful label printing into a small form factor, great for smaller shipping, logistics, and manufacturing operations. Available with multiple interface and printing options, there is a PC43 designed to meet your business's needs.

Available with your choice of direct thermal or thermal transfer printing mechanisms, the PC43 is great for both temporary and longer term labeling. Labels are printed at up to 8" per second, cutting down on wait time during longer print runs and ensuring labeling is smooth and efficient. The printer supports 5" diameter rolls, great for longer shifts. For longer print batches, larger rolls can be fed through the back of the case to the printhead.

The PC43 comes with your choice of icon-based display or LCD touchscreen. The icon-based display provides various visual cues for things such as end of roll, end of ribbon, paper jam, and more. For more full-featured service, the LCD touchscreen allows you to view more descriptive messages as well as perform configuration tasks from the screen. Both models can be locked down, preventing users from accessing features they shouldn't.

Reliability is important when printing labels, especially time sensitive things such as shipping labels. Thankfully the PC43 can handle most use with ease. The plastic housing in the PC43 is built to handle chemical cleaning agents, great for hospital labeling where sanitizing equipment is important. The print head on the PC43 is built to last; if it does fail, replacing it is as simple as pulling on two clips. A one year warranty is standard, but additional service packages are available, making the Intermec PC43 a smart option for your labeling needs.

  • Includes BarTender Ultralite Label Software
  • USB interface, additional interface modules and adapters available
  • 4-inch print width
  • Up to 8 inch per second print speed
  • Can be cleaned with chemical disinfectants
  • 1 year warranty

Download BarTender Ultralite for Intermec (Product Registration Required)

Don't forget the ribbon! If you are buying a thermal transfer printer you need a ribbon!

For compatible media please see Honeywell - Intermec Labels

For barcode software please see Barcode Label Software

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Product Video Transcript

PC43 Label Printer Video

Hi, this is Travis with Today we're going to take a look at a label printer. And this is a label printer from Intermec. This is their entry-level printer on their desktop line. So it's not designed for industrial use but it has some specifications that are pretty close to industrial levels. For instance, it has 8-inch print speed. 8 inches per second is amazing in a desktop printer line. Most desktop printers are in a 4-inch range, so this is about double what you typically see in a desktop printer.

It also has a very nice and convenient LCD screen here. This LCD screen makes calibration and configuring the computer really easy. Instead of having to use LED buttons or LED lights turning off the printer, turning it on, holding down the printers that are going on a series of commands that way. You scroll through a menu, select the feature or calibration that you want to do, and then just hit Enter and the printer does it. So, a very nice feature that makes calibration much easier.

This is the 4-inch print width. This is the 2-inch print width. There's also version without the LCD screen if you're looking to save some money, and there's also versions that use ribbon, the thermal transfer version. This is the direct thermal version, so a very fast printer, a very economical printer too and something definitely that you'd want to consider.

Going to demonstrate the fantastic 8-inch per second print speed of the PC43D. I have the free version of single bar tender running here. I have just a sample label set up. We're using about a 2-inch by 2-inch label, and I'm going to print about 20 of them at full speed. As you can see the labels print up, came out very fast and there's no gaps. It didn't skip any labels which mean the calibration has been perfect. It lined up just like it see the label on the screen that's just how you see the label printed. So overall, very good print speed, very good results.

Taking a closer look at these labels, you can see that the text is very crisp, the bar code is very nice, there's no jaggidy edges around them, so very good print results for printing at full speed. Sometimes printers don't print quite as clear as full speed. This one seems to print very good. Wanted to quickly show the calibration process for this printer. From the home menu, press the Menu button. Scroll down to Wizards. Scroll down to calibration. Select media. You're going to select your media type. This is media with gaps. It spits out two labels, and it identifies the gap on the labels, very easy, very quick to do.

This is the PC43D desktop label printer, and the 23D desktop label printer. This is a 2-inch print width, this is a 4-inch print width. Keep in mind there's a couple of upgraded versions available. If you want a 300 DPI printer to do very small bar codes, about a 3 mail bar code, then you'll want to look for the 300 DPI model. There's also is a thermal transfer model, if you want the more durable thermal transfer media. Overall, a very nice printer. It has a 1-year warranty. For more information on this printer, or purchase labels, or a software for using the printer, please visit us at Thanks!