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Xenon 1900 Barcode Scanner

The Honeywell Xenon 1900 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Honeywell Xenon XP 1950g.

The Honeywell Xenon 1900 barcode scanner utilizes Honeywell's sixth-generation of area imaging technology to give you faster scans, greater motion tolerance, and the best scanning experience for your business. Available as a standard range, high density, or extended range barcode scanner, the Xenon is suited to fit a wide variety of industries or needs. Honeywell's Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0 is powerful and aggressive enough to read dirty or damaged barcodes and can even read off LCD screens for mobile couponing.

To maximize durability, the Xenon 1900 barcode scanner consolidates critical components onto a single board. This eliminates connectors that can wear out over time and gives the barcode scanner greater resistance to drops and collisions. The Xenon is built to meet an IP41 seal, keeping dirt and moisture from harming internal components.

  • EasyDL software for Driver's License data parsing (Available Soon)
  • Withstands multiple 6-foot drops to concrete
  • 240 inch per second motion tolerance
  • Available in Black, Ivory, or Disinfectant-Ready Healthcare White

The ratchet stand unit is a complete unit & not removable from the base.

Product Specifications
Dimensions 104 mm x 71 mm x 160 mm (4.1½ x 2.8½ x 6.3½)
Weight 147 g (5.2 oz)
Interfaces Available USB
Keyboard Wedge
IBM 46xx (RS485)
Color Options Black
Scan Method Area Image (838 x 640 pixel array)
Decoding Capabilities Reads standard 1D, stacked, 2D and postal symbologies; limited OCR font reading
Mobility/Range 1902GSR-2USB-5 Corded, See Xenon 1902 for cordless model
Motion Tolerance Up to 610 cm/s (240 in/s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
Reading Angle 45° Pitch
65° Skew
Print Contrast (Min.) 20% minimum reflectance difference
Typical Depth of Field 13 mil UPC:
HD: 15 mm - 124 mm (0.6 - 4.9½")
SR: 13 mm - 323 mm (0.5 - 12.7")
ER: 36 mm - 442 mm (1.4 - 17.4") (See Data Sheet for complete specs)
Indicators Visual LIght
Auto Sense Mode Yes, In Stand
Image Capture Yes, with advanced editing functionality
Mobile Phone Scanning Capabilites Yes
Healthcare Specific Model 1900hSR-0USB Yes, with Disinfectent Ready Housing
Drivers License Data Parsing 1900gSR-2USB-2EZ Yes, with EasyDL Software Model
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Drop Specification Designed to withstand 50 1.8 m (6´) drops to concrete
Environmental Sealing IP41
Ambient Light (Max) 0 to 100,000 lux
Stand Yes, Optional
Warranty 5 year factory warranty

Honeywell Xenon 1900 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

This is the new generation of Honeywell Scanners. Honeywell took the best qualities from the HHP and Metrologic products and combined them into the Xenon. Top notch 2D scan engine, rugged durability, and a great warranty combine to make this one of the best hand held 2D scanners on the market. This is the scanner that will replace the Metrologic Focus and older HHP legacy models.

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Product Video Transcript

Xenon 1900 Product Review Video

Hi, this is Camille with Today I'm demonstrating the Honeywell Xenon 1900g. This is a high-volume 2D imager, and it offers the healthcare model with the disinfectant-ready housing, image-capture capabilities, the ability to scan off of cell phones, and also an optional stand and hands-free mode.

This scanner can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. This is the 1D barcode. [beeping] And then the 2D barcode. [beeps] No problem. It features a targeting bar, which helps to pick up on the barcode itself. But because it's omni-directional, you can scan the barcode from any direction without really needing to line up the scanner. Which is great for checkout processes.

You can also read damaged barcodes, and I'll show you an example of that. So, say you have a regular barcode here, and you just draw some lines through it, and it still reads it just fine. We'll draw some more lines through it. [beep] It's still reading it just fine. I'm just gonna go all out here and see if I can't break it. [beep] And it still reads the barcode, so a very aggressive scan engine.

You can also, I'll show you the, the scan range here. So for closeness, you can get, we'll get on a nicer barcode, about one inches. And then if you want to get further away, it goes up to about 11 inches or so on a regular barcode. It also scans well in bright light, so sunlight especially this'll be handy for. [beep] So no problems scanning in that light. And, it's very able to handle lighter barcodes on curved surfaces, and once again, you don't even have to line it up with the barcode.

The Honeywell 1900g comes in the optional interfaces USB, serial, or keyboard wedge. It features a 5-year manufacturers warranty and POSGuys lifetime support. If you would like to buy the Honeywell Xenon 1900g, or would like more information, please visit us at


Xenon 1900 Stand, Grey, 9" Height, Flexible Rod, Weighted Base
Xenon 1900 - 1-Year Warranty, 3-day turnaround, wear and defects only, Post Sale
Xenon 1900 - 5-Year Warranty, 1-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage.
Xenon 1900 and 1902 EasyDL Drivers License Parsing Software License
Please Call
Xenon 1900 PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Interface Cable, Black, Coiled, 3m Length
USB Interface Cable, Black, 5m Length
Xenon 1900 RS-232 Serial Interface Cable, Black, DB9 Female, 3m Length, ± 12V Signals (True RS-232 Interface, Requires Power Supply: Part Number 46-00525)
Honeywell RS-232 Serial Interface Cable, Black, DB9 Female, 3m Length, ± 5V Signals (TTL Interface, Requires Power Supply: Part Number 46-00525)
ColorFusion Software License Key for Xenon 1902g Barcode Scanner (Models with Color Imaging Capability Only)
Honeywell Universal Power Power Supply (PowerLink) for the Vuquest 3310g, MS9540, MS9520, MS7120 and MS5145
USB Interface Cable, Black, 3 Meter, Straight
EasyDL Drivers License Parsing Software License
Xenon 1900 Stand, Grey, 9" Height, Flexible Rod, Weighted Base, Xenon Cup

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