Zebra DS4208

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DS4208 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra DS4208 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra DS4308.

Wondering why the DS4208 is being replaced by the DS4308? Read our detailed blog post on the differences between the DS4208 and the DS4308..

The Zebra* DS4208 barcode scanner makes quick 2D barcode scanning more affordable than ever. Excellent for retail, hospitality, or even healthcare, the DS4208 reads virtually any barcode you pass before it, including mobile coupons. The DS4208 comes in your choice of black, white, or special healthcare white, and can connect via a variety of interfaces.

A motion tolerance of up to 25 inches per second ensures capture of even quickly moving barcodes. For regular UPC barcodes, the DS4208 can get a read from anywhere between 0.3" to 15", fantastic for keeping retail operations moving smoothly. Ranges do vary by symbology and density but still offer easy reading for any situation.

For health care applications, Zebral* built a model of the DS4208 in a healthcare white body. The housing features specialized plastics that are not only antimicrobial, but are resistant to solvents that would pit or etch standard plastics. All models sport an IP43 seal, so dirt and water splashes won't harm the internal components. Add a drop resistance of 6-feet to concrete, and the Zebra* DS4208 becomes a smart investment to future-proof any retail or healthcare business.

  • Scans from mobile device screens
  • Can scan in direct sunlight
  • IP43 seal keeps out dirt & water splashes
  • 25 inch per second motion tolerance
  • Available with antimicrobial health-care housing
*Symbol DS4208 is now know as the Zebra DS4208.
Product Specifications
Dimensions 6.7 in. H x 3.7 in. L x 2.7 in. W (17 cm H x 9.3 cm L x 6.8 cm W)
Weight 6.1 oz. (172.9 g)
Color Options Black
Healthcare White
Interfaces Available The scanner supports the following protocols over USB: HID Keyboard (default mode), SNAPI, COM Port Emulation, IBM SurePOS (Yellowstone) (IBM Handheld,IBM Tabletop, OPOS); The scanner supports the following protocols over RS232: Standard, Wincor Nixdorf, ICL, Fujitsu, Olivetti
Scan Method Omnidirectional Area Imager
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D, 2D, PDF, & Postal Codes (See Brochure for details)
Motion Tolerance Up to 25 in. / 63.5 cm per second
Reading Angle Ptich: ± 65° or greater
Skew: ± 65° or greater
Roll: 0-360°
Print Contrast (Min.) n/a
Typical Depth of Field 5.0 mil Code 39 0.2 in. / 0.5 cm 6.8 in. / 17.3 cm
10 mil 80% UPCA 0 in. / 0 cm 12.7 in. / 32.3 cm
13 mil 100% UPCA 0.3 in. / 0.8 cm 15.2 in. / 38.6 cm
5.0 mil PDF 417 1.5 in. / 3.8 cm 4.3 in. / 10.9 cm
6.6 mil PDF 417 0.8 in. / 2.0 cm 6.0 in. / 15.2 cm
10 mil Data Matrix 0.4 in. / 1.0 cm 7.2 in. / 18.3 cm
Indicators Visible Aimer
Auto Sense Mode Yes, In Intellistand
Image Capture Yes
Drivers License Data Parsing No
Mobile Phone Scanning Capabilites Yes
Healthcare Specific Model Yes, Healthcare Specific Model with Antimicrobial Housing
Operating Temperature 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C)
Drop Specification Withstands multiple 6 ft. (1.83 m) drops to concrete
Environmental Sealing IP43
Ambient Light (Max) Immune to normal indoor lighting up to 1600 Lux. Immune to sunlight up to 86,000 Lux.
Stand Yes, Optional Intellistand
Warranty 5 Year Factory Warranty

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DS4208 Service from the Start Advanced Exchange Service Plan, 5-Year Contract
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7-Foot PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Cable (Compatible with the LS3008, LS3578, MT2000, DS6878, and DS4208 barcode scanners.)
USB Interface Cable (Original Part)
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