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DS4308 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra DS4308 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra DS4608.

This product replaces the older Zebra DS4208.

The Symbol DS4308 imager is a versatile and powerful way to add 2D scanning to your business. Powerful scanning and customizable to meet your needs, the DS4308 has a model ideal for retail scanning, customer loyalty signup, industrial, and even healthcare admitting applications.

The DS4308 comes with your choice of standard range or high density scanning, depending on if you need a greater depth of field or the ability to scan the tiny barcodes you might see on manufacturing components. Both offer optional driver's license parsing if needed, ideal for eliminating data entry errors in healthcare admitting or credit card application programs. For standard retail barcodes, both models boast a robust depth of field, making it easy for users of all skill levels to feel comfortable scanning.

Retail, light industrial, and healthcare environments can be very demanding. Thankfully the DS4308 is built to handle rough use and abuse with ease. The ergonomic scanner is reinforced to survive multiple drops of 6 feet to concrete, so drops from counters or shelves won't slow it down. Standard models have an IP43 seal to keep dirt & water splashes from harming internal components. The healthcare model is even more durable, sporting special plastics that can be wiped down with cleaners without pitting or becoming brittle. A 5 year warranty is standard, with additional service plans for comprehensive or longer term coverage.

  • 2D Imager with standard range or high density scanning
  • Supports image capture and OCR
  • Driver's license parsing models available
  • Up to 28" depth of field for retail barcodes
  • USB, RS-232 Serial, PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Interfaces
  • 5 year warranty

**Zebra OneCare**

Zebra OneCare comprehensive warranty coverage is available for this product, please see accessories.

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Find out how the DS4308 is an improvement from the DS4208.

Zebra DS4308 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Top rated scanner, from a price and performance standpoint this is a benchmark product. The DS4208 was a great product and this improves on it in every way. It scans all barcodes better, faster, with more tolerance. It is comfortable to scan, the always on reticle is simple yet works extremely well and is very accurate. Available in Grey or White, with USB being the most common interface. Standard Range (SR) works for most, High Desity (HD) is tuned for small barcodes, Health Care (HC) with disinfectant housing is available, and Drivers License (DL) parsing models are also available.

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DS4308 Barcode Scanner Review Video

Hi. This is Travis from POSGuys.com. Today we'll be taking a look at the DS4308 by Symbol. It's an upgrade to the LI2208 that's kind of designed for general use and retail applications. The big difference between this and the LI2208 is it's a 2D imager, so it's able to read drivers licenses, QR codes for mobile couponing, and anything related to 2D barcodes, and it also scans off phones really well. The LI2208 also scans of phones, but the DS does it just a bit better. It's an upgrade to the DS4208, which was a very popular scanner for many years. There's a standard version, and then there's also a healthcare version, that appeared in a lot of hospitals and healthcare environments. The DS4308 does everything the 4208 does, just better. You have more scan range, faster scan rates, it reads barcodes better. Damaged barcodes it reads better, works better in sunlight. So its basically the same as 4208, just better overall. It has the same 5-year warranty as the previous model, and it has the same drop spec, where it's about a 6 foot drop to concrete multiple times. Also the same IP 42 rating, where it's kind of dust and water splash, so you can clean it off and stuff, but it's not made to be submerged or go underwater, or work in a big rainstorm.

It's your general indoor use scanner. The best thing about this scanner is the price point. It comes in more than the LI2208, but it's under 300 dollars, which is a great price point for a 2D barcode scanner, and there's also a drivers license parsing version available for people that are going to be doing registries or they want to pull specific information out of a drivers license like the age or an address or just the name. You can scan the whole drivers license and it'll just give you the pieces of information that you want with some simple programming using their advanced data capture tool.

So taking a look at the reticle on the device, by default there's a red dot that appears. So this is kind of an aiming reticle, it won't pick up a scan, but you can use it to line up over the barcode that you want, and then when you scan it's a big field of red. It's a simple but very efficient reticle system, there's fancier ones out there with cross-hairs and boxes and such, but this one works. The always on red light is pretty useful for lining up barcodes. For instance, if you have multiple barcodes on a page and you want to scan a specific one. This is common with serial numbers . So it's really easy to line it up, you pull the trigger. Your range is spectacular, you can get from contact, I am touching the paper, to out from off camera now, but past a foot. And this is on a pretty compact barcode. The ability to touch the barcode and scan is better than the older model 4208, that one you had to be back a couple inches, this one you can be right on top of it. UPC barcodes it scans perfectly, 309 and 128, these are the most common 1D barcodes you're going to see. The smaller sizes it reads as well.

This scanner has extremely good range, it can go from contact to a couple feet back, about 3 feet back, now I'm going to be off camera. So past 5 feet. Extremely good range on a pretty typical size barcode. Bright lights or sunlight are not an issue for the scanner either. In full spectrum lighting it's able to scan no problem. Motion tolerance is not an issue. As the can turns it's able to read the barcodes, and we can speed it up and at full speed it's reading the barcodes without any problems.

Damaged barcodes won't be a problem for it. I have a basic barcode here. Swipe some lines through it, and it reads it no problem. I can crinkle it like that now and it still gets a read. So pretty much barcodes of any condition, as long as you can sort of see the lines, will work just fine.

So the DS4308, how do we rate it? We rate it as one of the best scanners that we have. For the price point, it's reticle system, its durability and its flexibility, it's pretty much up there as the best scanner you can get. The LI2208 is of course cheaper, but it doesn't do 2D barcodes, so if you're looking to scan 2D barcodes, to do mobile couponing, to scan off phones, this is one of the best priced scanners you can get. If you want to go hands-free, then you can buy a hands-free stand, set it in the stand, and it will become auto-sensing afterwards. So a very flexible scanner, I would definitely consider it for retail, definitely consider it for ticketing. Warehousing can even use it, there are tougher scanners, but they are also about double the price, if not triple the price, so from a price performace standpoint, the DS4308 is about as good as you can get. Very highly recommended. For more information on the DS4308, or to purchase, please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thanks!


PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Interface Cable, 7 ft
DS4308 Gooseneck Intellistand
Zebra OneCare for DS4308, Essential Comprehensive Coverage, 5 Year, Must be Purchased Within 30 Days
Zebra OneCare for DS4308, Select Comprehensive Coverage, Advanced Exchange, 5 Year, Must be Purchased Within 30 Days
Cable - Shielded Usb: Series A Connector, 7Ft. (2.1M), Straight (Updated)
Universal Gooseneck Intellistand – Black (LS2208, LI2208, LS4208, DS2208, DS4208, DS4308, DS4608, DS8108)

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