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Twilight Black, Cash Register White

LI4278 Barcode Scanner

This product replaces the older Symbol LS4278.

The Zebra LI4278 barcode scanner offers aggressive linear imaging with fantastic wireless technology, excellent for retail or light industrial barcode scanning.

Zebra's* first foray into linear imaging, the LI4278 provides fast, aggressive scanning for a wide variety of uses. The barcode scanner can read retail barcodes from up to 31 inches away, all but eliminating searching for the scanning "sweet spot" or stretching to get in a proper reading range. With the ability to scan barcodes as dense as 3 mil, the LI4278 is just at home in manufacturing environments as retail, and its superior scanning speed and motion tolerance hold up to high demand, high volume scanning.

The Bluetooth v2.1 Class 2 radio on the LI4278 promotes tremendous freedom, allowing your employees to scan products without having to haul them to the PC. With an effective range of 330 feet, the LI4278 is a great fit for virtually any retail or warehouse scanning environment. And Bluetooth's EDR ensures the barcode scanner sends data quickly, saving you time and money. Data is also encrypted, providing peace of mind when scanning personal data.

Designed for maximum uptime and a low total cost of operation, the LI4278 has been built to withstand rough retail and light industrial abuse. The gasket-sealed body is protected from dust and can be sprayed clean as necessary, and the reinforced body is protected from drops of up to 6-feet to concrete. Shipping with a 3-year warranty, with optional Zebra One Care comprehensive coverage plans available, the Symbol* LI4278 barcode scanner will provide any business with years of great service.

  • 1" to 31" scan range on standard retail barcodes
  • Reads barcodes as small as 3 mil
  • 330 foot radio range
  • 547 scans per second scanning speed
  • 72-hour battery life
  • Compatible with LS4278 cradles
*Symbol LI4278 is now know as the Zebra LI4278.

**Zebra OneCare**

Zebra OneCare comprehensive warranty coverage is available for this product, please see accessories.

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Product Specifications
Dimensions 3.84" x 2.75" x 7.34"
Weight 7.9 oz
Color Options Twilight Black, Cash Register White
Interfaces Available USB
RS-232 Serial
PS/2 Keyboard Wedge
Scan Method Linear Imager
Optional Batch Mode Stores up to 500 barcodes
Battery Rechargeable/Replaceable with 72 hour life
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D Barcodes
Mobility/Range 330 ft, line of sight
Operating Time 72 Hours
Motion Tolerance 25 inch/sec
Scan Rate (Maximum) 547 scans/sec
Reading Angle Pitch: +/- 65°
Roll (Tilt): +/- 45°
Skew: +/- 65°
Print Contrast (Min.) 15%
Typical Depth of Field 3 mil 5-7 in./12.7-17.8 cm
4 mil 4-10 in./10.2-25.4 cm
5 mil 3-13 in./7.6-33 cm
7.5 mil 1.5-19 in./ 3.8-48.3 cm
13 mil (100% UPC-a) 1-31 in./2.5-78.7 cm
20 mil 1-42 in./2.5-106.7 cm
26 mil (200% UPC-a) 3-55 in./7.6-140 cm
100 mil (paper) >20 ft./6 m
Indicators LED
Auto Sense Mode Available
Drivers License Data Parsing Not Available
Healthcare Specific Model Not Available
Image Capture Not Available
Mobile Phone Scanning Capabilities Available
Drop Specification Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F
Environmental Sealing IP54
Ambient Light (Max) 108,000 lux
Stand Presentation Cradle Available
Warranty 3 Years

Zebra LI4278 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

This is one of the most durable cordless barcode scanners we've ever used. It held up to being run over by an SUV! The scanning range is fantastic for retail use and the radio range lets you send data from about a football field away. If you need a cordless scanner and are worried about damage, the LI4278 is a fantastic choice.

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Product Video Transcript

LI4278 Wireless Linear Imager Video

Hi, it's Camille with POSGuys.com. Today we're taking a look at Motorola's LI4278 linear imager. This is one of my personal favorites. It has a good scanning range, it's wireless, it has a great radio range of about 330 feet. We did some durability testing on it which you may or may not have seen, we'll link you the video, and it is extremely durable, extremely well suited for retail, and light-industrial uses.

The LI4278 can scan from mobile phones. [beeping] It doesn't have any problem. They do have to be 1D barcodes though, so it will not read QR codes. It'll read all standard barcodes printed out. Really quickly we'll just put it through a scratch test to see how aggressive. So I'm just gonna draw two lines through that barcode. [beep] And it still scans. Couple more lines. [beep] You can see the red indicator of where you're scanning, and then the green light when you get a positive read. And then I'm just gonna just try and destroy this barcode. [beep] And it's still scanning just fine , so it's a nice aggressive scanner.

The specs say it can scan a standard barcode from 1 to 31 inches, so if you're starting at about 1 inches there. This might be a little bit smaller than a standard barcode that I'm using right now. We're having some difficulty at about 31 inches is my guess.

So this is the final product after our durability testing. You can see that the lens is undamaged as it was recessed into the scanner and it never actually took any impacts directly to the lens. You have your superficial damage on the housing. You have your charging contact points which are undamaged because they're also recessed back into the scanner to avoid any impacts that might damage them and prevent your scanner from being able to charge. Some of the more serious damage, caused by the SUV, for example, is this crack that runs through the housing. There's that crack. But as you can see the scanner, the indicator beam is still functioning. The speakers, they went quiet for a while, are now back at full strength, which you'll hear in just a second. And though this is not paired, I can still scan. [beeping]

Just a quick look at the base for the LI4278. You can charge it in a landscape orientation like that. Just standard, no mounting, really easy. Or, alternatively, you can mount it on the wall by putting that piece in there to hold it in place, and then if you look at this little diagram back here, you just need to use a phillips-head screwdriver and turn this to the wall-mounted direction, and then it will hold it in place when you put it on the wall. I think.

The LI4278 is great for retail. It has the wireless functionality so its easy to scan. It is also great for if the employee happens to drop it, it's gonna probably be just fine. We also suggest it for light-industrial use because it has an IP54 seal to protect against dust and moisture. Um, it's available with USB, RS-232 serial, or PS/2 keyboard wedge interfaces, has a 3-year manufacturers warranty, and is available in black or white. If you'd like to purchase the LI4278, please contact us at POSGuys.com.

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LI4278 Barcode Scanner Kit, Twilight Black Scanner, Standard Cradle and Interface Cable Included, USB Interface
LI4278 Barcode Scanner Kit, Cash Register White Scanner, Standard Cradle and Interface Cable Included, USB Interface

Additional Models

LI4278 Barcode Scanner, Twilight Black, Scanner Only (Cradle and Cable NOT INCLUDED)
Warning:Cables and Cradle Not Included
LI4278 Barcode Scanner, Cash Register White, Scanner Only (Cradle and Cable NOT INCLUDED)
Warning:Cables and Cradle Not Included
LI4278 Barcode Scanner Kit, Twilight Black Scanner , Presentation Cradle, Interface Cable, and Power Supply Included (Requires LINE CORD 23844-00-00R), USB Interface
Accessories:Cradle and Power Supply
LI4278 Barcode Scanner Kit, White Scanner, Presentation Cradle Cable, and Power Supply Included (Requires LINE CORD 23844-00-00R), USB Interface
Accessories:Cradle and Power Supply


LI4278 Presentation Charging/Communication Cradle, (Requires PWR-WUA5V4W0US and Communication Cable), Twilight Black
LI4278 Charging ONLY Cradle, Twilight Black
LI4278 Charging ONLY Cradle, Cash Register White
LI4278 Charging/Communications Cradle, Cash Register White
LI4278 Charging/Communications Cradle, Requires Communications Cable, Twilight Black
USB Interface Cable (Original Part)
7.5ft. AC Line Cord, For Use with PWRS-14000-148R and PWR-BGA12V50W0WW
Replacement Battery for LI4278, LS4278, and DS6878 Barcode Scanners (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
3 Year Zebra One Care Select Advanced Exchange Comprehensive Coverage for LI4278
3 Year Zebra One Care Essential 3-Day Exchange Comprehensive Coverage for LI4278
Power Supply (Formerly Motorola), Requires DC Line Cord CBL-DC-388A1-01 & AC Line Cord 23844-00-00R, Replaces PWRS-14000-148R (Presentation Cradle)
7.5ft. DC Cable For Use with Power Supply Brick PWR-BGA12V50W0WW
Cable - Shielded Usb: Series A Connector, 7Ft. (2.1M), Straight (Updated)
Standard Cradle Power Supply, Level VI AC/DC Power Supply Wall Adapter, w/Captive DC cable and US Adapter Clip AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A DC Output: 5.2V, 1.1A, 5.7W (Standard Cradle Only)
Presentation Cradle, charge and communications, Bluetooth/FIPS; HC WHITE/BLUE- Refurbished - (Requires PWR-BGA12V50W0WW, CBL-DC375A1-01, 23844-00-00R and Communication Cable)
Presentation Cradle for LI4278 - and Communications Cable, Twilight Black (REFURB) (Requires PWR-WUA5V4W0US and Communication Cable)
Zebra Presentation Cradle and Mobile Computer Power Kit (Three Piece) - Includes power supply (PWR-BGA12V50W0WW), Line Cord (23844-00-00R), and DC Line Cord (CBL-DC-375A1-01). (Presentation Cradle or Mobile Computer Only)

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