FAQ# 980: How can I get my scanner to read Codabar barcodes?


How can I get my scanner to read Codabar barcodes?


The Codabar symbology is disabled by default on most scanners. Even though the exact process of enabling the symbology depends on the brand and type of scanner you're using, you can usually use either a programming utility or programming barcodes from the User Manual/Reference Guide to enable it.

Some Codabar barcodes can vary in length, so in order to have them scan successfully, under most circumstances you'll want to set it to scan 'Any Length.' See your User Manual or Reference Guide for more information.

Example: Motorola LI2208 Reference Guide
Under the section "Symbologies" find the Symbology Parameter Defaults for Codabar Barcodes
Scan the Enable Codabar barcode
Scan the Codabar - Any Length barcode

Your scanner should be set to scan Codabar barcodes.

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