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TekLynx CodeSoft Features

TekLynx CodeSoft 9 software is the ideal choice for enterprise and large scale label printing operations. Combining an easy-to-use interface with advanced functionality, CodeSoft 9 uses wizards to add elements such as text data, barcodes, or even database connections. CodeSoft 9 comes in three different editions: Pro, Enterprise, and Network. Each one offers varying capabilities, allowing you to save money while getting only the features you need.

CodeSoft Pro Ideal for single PC print operations, CodeSoft Pro supports printing on up to three different printers. Advanced data source management supports variable graphic images and other objects, providing dynamic labels with a minimum effort. Labels can source content from databases via ODBC/OLE, excellent when printing out large scale or serialized labels.

CodeSoft Enterprise With support for multiple PCs and an unlimited number of printers, CodeSoft Enterprise Edition adds the features and functionality necessary for massive labeling environments. Advanced database management, including query creation/saving makes it easy to filter down data to only the content you need without having to modify the database itself. You also gain support for circular barcodes and color labels, allowing for greater customization of labels as needed.

CodeSoft Network Network Edition combines the power of CodeSoft Enterprise with a centralized license server, making it easier manage and monitor your deployment, saving money while identifying unnecessary stations.

CodeSoft Features List

Demo Video & Screen Shots

System Requirements

Print-only version
Network version
Printer code converter
Multi-level undo 4040
Auto Save document
Password (one level)
Hidden (unprintable) objects
Graphic formats import
Color support
Color graphic reduction
Graphic bar codes All All
Native printer bar codes
Circular bar codes
Rich Text Fields (RTF)
Object positioning
Command line options
Label preview
Multi-Level password protection
Full justify
Preview graphics/labels
Multilingual support
Export label as a graphic
Import from FTP
Word hyphenation option
Long file names
TCP/IP Printing
OLE objects
Fit to frame option
Grid view/print
RF Tag management
Number of Connected Printers 3Unlimited
Lock/Unlock objects
Datasource Management
Flexible date stamping
Flexible time stamping
Propose values/PickList
Variable graphic images
Shared variables
Value from a file
Output mask
Counting bases Dec/Alph All
Linked counters
Add an offset to a date
Accumulate value
Database Management
Create/edit query
Save query
Grid view/print
Multiple tables
Filters on tables
Database Manager - Standard Options
Database Manager - Batch Printing Options
SQL mode
Job Modifier
UCC/EAN 128 wizard, MaxiCode wizard
Font downloader
User Manager
Use Form Viewer to view custom user interface screens created with Form Designer
Printing Logfile
ActiveX Basic
ActiveX version 2/Active X version 1
UFO read
Form Management
Set input format
Minimum input length
Automatic prompt
Command File Interpreter (CFI) add-on (note: single-user editions only)
POF configuration manager (Additional Charge)
Create custom user interface screens with Form Designer add-ons


  • Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista SP1, Server 2003, XP SP2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB Hard Drive space
  • Display capable of 800 x 600 resolution