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TekLynx LabelView Features

TekLynx LabelView 9 is a powerful yet easy to use barcode label creation software solution. Driven by a familiar wysiwyg interface plus intuitive element creation wizards, LabelView empowers your business to create product labels with a minimum of training. TekLynx offers LabelView 9 in two distinct versions, intended to best meet the needs of a variety of labeling operations.

LabelView 9 Pro - Pro edition is ideal for smaller printing operations that may have up to 3 distinct label printers to choose from. With the ability to communicate between up to five networked PCs, LabelView 9 Pro can grow with your business. Database connections are supported, via DBF, ODBC, and OLE connections, allowing for easy printing of large batches of labels with custom data, such as customer address labels. If needed, the software can be upgraded to Gold edition.

LabelView 9 Gold - Gold edition offers all the features of Pro, while adding support for larger operations. A greater number of concurrent printers can be used with LabelView Gold, fantastic if you have multiple departments with specific label printing needs. On top of database support, Gold supports OLE objects, such as embedded Word or Excel files. Add-on software also allows LabelView 9 Gold to support RFID tag encoding and mobile devices.

LabelView Features List

Demo Video & Screen Shots

System Requirements

Print-only version  
Network version
Supports over three printers  
Maximum 3
Printer code converter
Label samples
Unicode font support
Variables (previously known as hidden objects)
Import graphic formats (bmp, pcx, jpg, tif, etc.)
Color support
Color graphic file reduction
Graphical, native and custom barcode support
2D barcode support
HIBC support
Multi-level password protection
Label specific passwords
Label previews
Multilingual support (25 languages)
MIL 129/MIL 130L label samples  
Citrix Server/Terminal Support (Network only) (Network only)
Unlimited fields
Print/export to picture or to file
TextArt Objects / Rich TextField Objects
OLE object support (embedded Word files, Excel files, etc.)  
Counters linked to additional fields  
Log file support  
Job modifier scripts  
Database Manager (DBF and ODBC data source)
OLE and ODBC support
Key field access to database records
Table view/print
DSN file support
Customized SQL queries/SQL Query Builder Wizard
Flexible date and time stamping
Variable graphic images
Global/shared serial files  
Linked expressions (Formulas)
Add a fixed offset to date
Add a variable offset to date  
Data from text files  
Accumulator files  
User Input Fields
Set input format
Pick List data entry
Minimum input length
Directly modify printer code with Job Modifier utility  
User-definable reports generated from label log files  
Pocket LABELVIEW support With add-on
Customizable data input screens for printing  
With add-on
RFID tag Support  
With add-on


  • Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista SP1, Server 2003, XP SP2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB Hard Drive space
  • Display capable of 800 x 600 resolution
Pocket LabelView Requirements
  • LabelView Gold version 8 or higher
  • Windows CE/Pocket PC-based mobile computer
  • Mobile computer with ARM, MIPS, SH3, or X86 type processor
  • ActiveSync 3.5 or higher