APG Architect

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Architect Cash Drawers

The Architect is a POS cable management and peripheral solution designed for businesses where a tidy point of sale station is required. The Architect integrates the Epson TM-m30II POS receipt printer (other printer brands compatible) and the with APG Minota cash drawer.. Both the printer and cash drawer must be purchased separately.

The sleek design supports a modern tablet-based or touch screen POS environment for specialty or hospitality retail. The system is designed to boost business efficiency with its extensive cable management routes, hiding a variety of interface cables and peripheral power supplies. The reduced cable clutter at the retail checkout adds to an enhanced customer experience. The cash drawer is designed with a clean, stylish molded plastic and steel construction that is both secure and lightweight. Additional POS mounting solutions are available as addons by SpacePole (Monitor Mount, Scanner, Payment Terminal and more).

Clean Cable Management
• Cable management routes and hides a variety of interface cables and power supplies.
• Reduce visible clutter at the retail checkout with a compact and configurable design.
Modern Aesthetics
• Consistent texture and exact-match coloring seamlessly connects your preferred tablet, Epson printer and APG’s Minota cash drawer.
• Payment terminal, scanner and monitor stands are optional; allowing for the that clean POS Terminal look.
Customer Engagement and Peace of Mind
• Customer facing accessory cups hold sanitizer, clean pens and wipes.
• Maintain engagement at the checkout with customer facing peripherals while still limiting physical contact
Product Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H): Topper 19.375”x 16.375” x 5” / Topper and Cups 24.375”x 16.375” x 5”
Currencies Supported USA, Euro, Pound, Others
Color Black or White

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APG Architect topper, Black, (16"x16"), Plugs Included. Order Printer and Cash Drawer Separately.


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