APG Minota

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Minota Cash Drawers

Delivering reliable performance and consistent quality, the Minota cash drawer provides a cost-friendly cash management solution for light cash-use environments. The Minota cash drawer is practical, easy to use, and straight-forward; enabling your business to maximize efficiency throughout the checkout process and spend more time creating a positive and memorable experience for your customers.

Built specifically for low cash-transaction environments, the Minota is designed for small to medium sized businesses. Retailers who operate a coffee shop, kiosk, or food truck are examples of a perfect fit for this line of entry-level solutions. If you’re looking to uncomplicate the checkout process, provide customers payment versatility at the counter, and keep your staff focused on building life-long relationships with customers, you’re in the right place.

Two models of the drawer are available: a plastic-mold injected model and a folded steel model. The Plastic model is tested to withstand 500,000 open-and-close cycles before failure and features a built-in till that cannot be taken out without removing the entire drawer assembly. The folded steel model is rated to withstand 750,000 open-and-close cycles, and features a removable till that's compatible with all APG Vasario tills and till accessories (minus the under counter mounting brackets).

Highlighted Features

  • Tested consistently to 500,000 (injection model) or 750,000 (steel model) open-and-close cycles.
  • Includes CD-101A cable for printer connection
  • Two media slots for storing of large bill denominations, receipts or checks securely under the till
  • Four Function Lock: locked open, manual open, electrically on-line, and locked closed
  • Black and white color options so you can find a drawer that camouflages into your business aesthetic
Product Specifications
Size 16.125” x 16.375”x 4.25” 410m x 416m x 108m
Construction Molded base; steel inner drawer and cover (Steel Inner Drawer model) Molded base and inner drawer/till; steel cover (Molded Inner Drawer)
Interface MultiPRO 320 interface CD-101A cable included (Epson emulation)
Warranty 1 Year
Media Dual Media Slots
Weight 25 pounds (Steel Inner Drawer) 13lbs (Molded Inner Drawer)
Life Cycle 750,000 (Steel Inner Drawer) 500,000 (Molded Inner Drawer)
Color Black or White

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