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MMF Cash Drawer Val-u Line Compact

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Val-u Line Compact Cash Drawers

The MMF Cash Drawer Val-u Line Compact has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Star Micronics CD3.

MMF is currently not fulfilling orders. We are not sure when they will be back up and running again.

Having a unique cash tray and a very small foot print, Val-U Line's Compact Cash Drawer is ideal for any tablet run point of sale system.

Choosing a cash drawer that will not overwhelm the appearance of your tablet yet still be sturdy enough to instill a sense of security has been a challenge. Val-U Line's Compact cash drawer is a mini size, measuring 9.62 inches wide by 12.56 inches deep. The Compact has an innovated tray offering 4 slanted cash slots, 4 easily accessed coin compartments and a rolled coin pocket. This cash drawer is ideal for mobile POS solutions like food trucks or convention vendors needing something sturdier than a cash box.

Th Compact is a printer driven mini drawer that comes ready with an integrated universal printer cable and a 2 Year Warranty.

Product Specifications
Dimensions 9.62 Inch W x 12.56 Inch D
Weight 6 lbs.
Color Black with steel front

MMF Cash Drawer Val-u Line Compact Reviews

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Product Video Transcript

MMF Val-U Line Cash Drawer Video

Hi this is Travis with POSGuys.com. Today we're going to take a look at a new cash drawer from MMF. This is the Valu-U-Line Compact. Previously the standard Valu-U-Line came in various small 13x13 sizes. This one is even more compact it is 10 inches by 13. If I put one on top of the other you can kind of see how it is much smaller. There is a couple other big changes from the previous drawer. The finish on the old drawer was shiny powder coat. The new drawer has a much more matte finish powder coat. The top is also a rolled edge because it is smaller the rolled edge gives it a little more structure and a little more strength.

The till is also very different. So on the old drawer you had a removable till. You have your additional coins with your bill holders and these were adjustable and your coins can be adjustable as well. On the new drawer it is no longer removable and the bills go in vertically rather than lying down flat. This causes the drawer to be just slightly taller, maybe a quarter inch taller but it is more compact so it can fit more bills with out being so wide. So if you have a really narrow counter then that makes a big difference, saving those three inches.

For appearances sake it is about the width of an iPad so if you are using an iPad point of sale and you need a drawer this will be the exact width. I have a Windows tablet here and you can see with the Windows tablet on it is just slightly wider than the drawer. The 13 inch drawer fits it really nice. So for a wider screen format like a 6 by 10, 16 by 10 resolutioned screen I would recommend the 13 inch size still, I think it fits it better than the ten inch size where it is a little wider.

The other big change on the drawer from previous models is how the cash drawer cable is connected. In the new drawer it is integrated so it goes into the drawer, this is an Epson interface, and that is the only cable that is available for it. For the previous models a separate cable was purchased and it would go into the back of the drawer so by default you would probably buy an Epson cash drawer cable but if you had a star printer or if you had an Ithaca printer you could buy a different cable for that type of receipt printer. Epson receipt printers and Epson emulating receipt printers are the most common so that is why they went with the integrated Epson cash drawer cable. I have a very small point of sale demo station going right here. This is a Seiko printer, it is Epson emulating. Your integrated cash drawer cable plugs into the cash drawer port on your printer. It will look like a little phone jack. Just plug it in there and then normally point of sale software will need to be configured to open the drawer. Usually you have to tell it that your receipt printer is an Epson emulating printer and then when it prints it will open the drawer. Your driver is also capable of doing this. In the Seiko drivers under the test page settings there is an option for requiring a drawer open. I'll enable that and do a test print and it opens the drawer.

Val-U-Line Compact is definitely a drawer you want to consider if you are looking to setup a very minimal point of sale station as small as possible. Four bills, four coins, extra coin holder there if you need it. Two year warranty and the only finish available is the stainless steel front with a matte finish. Also note that there are no media slots in the drawer so if you're going to be taking something like credit card receipts or tickets you can't just slide them in. You'll have to open the drawer and just set them into the drawer itself. The till doesn't rise, you can't put them under it so keep that in mind if you are going to take credit card receipts and media then you might want to go with a 13 inch size instead. For more information on the MMF Val-U-Line Compact or to purchase it please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thank you.

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