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ION Cash Drawers

The POS-X ION has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Custom America Apex Pro.

This product replaces the older POS-X EVO-CD.

The POS-X ION cash drawer series is the fourth generation of drawers from POS-X and offers increased durability while maintaining an affordable price. Available as the 16.1" wide ION-C16 and the 18.1" wide ION-C18, these cash drawers fit most common installations. If counterspace is a premium, under counter mounting brackets are available.

The ION tills have media containers built-in, meaning large bills, checks, or other important documents don't mill about on the bottom of the drawer. Optional till covers are built with heavy grade steel, locking securely to the till and covering the media slots. 5-bill and 5-coin slots in the till can be adjusted to meet your needs, providing added versatility. The ION offers both Canadian and US till configurations.

A reinforced steel body increases rigidity and improves resistance to tampering. The drawer is set on rails instead of rollers, increasing the life of the ION and giving you smooth operation every time. The ION series comes with a 3 year warranty standard, and POS-X offers overnight exchange service or warranty extensions if needed.

For more information on under counter cash drawer mounting please visit our Under Counter Cash Drawer Mounting page.

  • Available with painted or stainless steel front
  • Compatible with most receipt printers
  • Shatter resistant till
  • Till inserts can be adjusted as needed
  • Solenoid rated at 1,000,000+ operations

Product Breakdown
ION-C16: 16.1" x 16.3" x 3.9", 17.2 lbs, 1 Media Slot
ION-C18: 18.1" x 18.3" x 3.9", 20.3 lbs, 2 Medial Slots

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Product Specifications
Dimensions 16.1" x 16.3" x 3.9"
18.1" x 18.3" x 3.9"
Weight 17.2 lbs
20.3 lbs
Color Options Black
Drawer Front Powder Finish or Stainless Steel
Finish Textured Hybrid Coating
Media Slots 1 or 2, based on dimensions
Till 5 coin, 5 bill
6 coin, 6 bill
Lock 3-Position Key Lock
Rails Metal cash drawer roller
Interface Printer-Driven
USB (Via Adapter)
Life Cycle Over 1 Million Cycles
Return Policy 20 Days
Warranty 3 Year

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ION Cash Drawer Cover, For ION-C16 (Previously ION-C16A-1COVER)
ION Cash Drawer Mounting Brackets, For ION-C16 (Previously ION-C16A-1MOUNT)
ION Replacement Till, For ION-C16 (Previously ION-C16A-1TILL)
ION Replacement Coin Tray, 5 Slots, for ION-C18 (Previously ION-C18A-1COIN5)
ION Replacement Coin Tray, 6 Slots, for ION-C18 (Previously ION-C18A-1COIN6)
ION Cash Drawer Mounting Brackets, For ION-C18 (Previously ION-C18A-1MOUNT)
ION Replacement Till, For ION-C18 (Previously ION-C18A-1TILL)
EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, For Epson/POS-X/Star/Citizen Printers (Previously EVO-CD-EPC)
EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, for Ithaca Printers (Previously EVO-CD-ITH)
EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, for Star Printers (Previously EVO-CD-STA)
EVO Cash Drawer Splitter Cable, Allows 2 Drawers to Connect to One Printer. Comes with 2 Cables and Splitter Box. (Previously EVO-CD-SPLITTER)
EVO Cash Drawer USB Interface Adapter (Replace by 977GF010000004)
2 Year Warranty Extension (May be purchased at any point during product's warranty period) (Previously ZWE-CRW)
POS-X 3-Year Overnight Exchange Contract (Previously ZOE-CRW3)
Replacement Coin Tray, 5 or 6 Coin Slots, For ION-C16 (Previously ION-C16A-1COIN)
Replacement lock with keys for ION Cash Drawer (please specify key number with order) (Previously ION-CA-1LOCK)
Locking Till Cover for ION 16" Cash Drawer (Previously ION-C16A-1COVER)
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #1
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #2
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #3
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #4
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #5
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #6
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #7
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #8
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #9
ION Cash Drawer Spare Key #10

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