Customer Comments

Over the past 3 years we've been asking our customer what they thought of their shopping experiences with POSGuys. We've been pleased to see that our hard work has been worth it! Here is what they've been saying:

Ratings are derived from 10 questions and out of 5 possible points.

Date:  11/30/2005 &nbspOverall Rating:  4
Name:   Nancy   Tempe, AZ
Comment:  I was very pleased with how quickly the order arrived.

Date:  12/1/2005 &nbspOverall Rating:  5
Name:   Jerald  Chipley, FL
Comment:  Your staff made everything so easy for me. Thsnk You, Jerry Teachout

Date:  2/27/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.7
Name:   Michael  San Rafael, CA
Comment:  Even though I knew that you stock a specific product, it was impossible to find on your website. So I was force to call one of your humans, who was exceedingly pleasant and helpful. The order shipped immediately. I'll certainly remember to visit the website when shopping for my future pos needs.

Date:  3/1/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4
Name:   Omar  glendale, AZ
Comment:  Why you not include labels for barcode printers? Why you customer service, nobody speak spanish? thank you Omar Herrera

Date:  2/27/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  3.7
Name:   Eric  Cranbrook, BC
Comment:  thank's

Date:  3/3/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.9
Comment:  I appreciate your great service! Would like to have you save shipping by not sending a catalogue with each order.

Date:  2/28/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.6
Name:   Junaid   Vancouver, BC
Comment:  Thank you

Date:  3/6/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  3.8
Name:   Hong  Greenville, SC
Comment:  Adjusts to a more modest shipping/handling cost would make POSguys a perfect place to shop.

Date:  3/6/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.8
Name:   George  Harleysville, PA
Comment:  I called in to speak to someone to get an idea of what exact product I needed, after talking to him I ordered the recomended products and installed them and am up and woking within 15 minutes. Thanks Bill

Date:  3/9/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4
Name:   Jon   Kendallville, IN
Comment:  Had some difficulties integrating with Microsoft Software and your technical support cannot access their support areas. Makes setup more difficult than it should be. Overall - good experience through you guys, though.

Date:  3/9/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.9
Name:   Timmie  Champaing, IL
Comment:  The barcode scanner I bought worked just as the guy I talked to said it would. I just had to plug it in and it works great! THANKS!!!

Date:  3/10/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.5
Name:   Gary  Wasaga Beach, ON
Comment:  Only problem was I had to call in to correct the price They were going to charge me for shipping

Date:  3/10/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.4
Name:   Gisele  Redondo Beach, CA
Comment:  I think you should have a quick installation manual when we buy the whole system.

Date:  3/15/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.8
Name:   Ahmed   Sacramento, CA
Comment:  I think your company has a very knowledgeable telephone staff which seems to be more and more uncommon in the POS industry.

Date:  3/16/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.9
Name:   Michelle  Cincinnatti, OH
Comment:  Thanks for your help and recommendations. I was a first time buyer and not sure of barcode technology. Alex was friendly and very helpful. Can he get it connected to my software program now??? Vickie Brewer, Miami Valley Christian Academy.

Date:  3/17/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.3
Name:   Robert   Barrington, RI
Comment:  Other than a minor communications error, it was a seamless experience. Some products were placed on "back order" but none of my paperwork showed that. Live and learn,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Date:  3/20/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  5
Name:   Imre  Santa Clarita, CA
Comment:  This was one of the most positive shopping experiences that I have had in a long time.

Date:  3/20/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.8
Name:   Mike   Vancouver, BC
Comment:  Thanks - excellent shipping time (arrived the day after I ordered, in Canada! - almost unheard of). My last order you overshipped (sent me a case instead of 1 unit) - so a minor hassle to send it back. Nothing wrong this time though.

Date:  3/20/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.5
Name:   Salim  Derry, NH
Comment:  Keep Up the good work! Thanks Sam Nemr

Date:  3/21/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.5
Name:   S Mo Gas  Mountain Grove , MO
Comment:  Thank you for the wonderful service. Everything fell into place as advertised.

Date:  3/22/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.4
Name:   Jerry  Springfield, MA
Comment:  I always receive courteous and professional service from your phone staff!

Date:  3/24/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.8
Name:   Merrill  ROCHESTER, WA
Comment:  It is always a pleasure dealing with Shawn Kiely and Charles Matthews. They are totally on top of their game every time I call with an order or just an RFI. Thanks "GUYS"

Date:  3/20/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  4.7
Name:   Mario  Tucson, AZ
Comment:  a very good job!

Date:  3/27/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  3.4
Name:   Brett B  Aurora, IL
Comment:  We're a growing online merchant that currently sells CD's. Our business is music and I'm sure we'll be in need of additional products. Haven't tried out the bar code scanner yet - our new software is late in arriving, but I'm sure it will work excellent. Thanks Again.

Date:  3/28/2006 &nbspOverall Rating:  5
Name:   Charlie  Toronto, ON
Comment:  Your tech support was very professional for my needs.

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