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Opticon MSH-119 Dumb Wand

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MSH-119 Dumb Wand Discontinued

The Opticon MSH-119 Dumb Wand has reached end of life.

The MSH-119 is built to take a real beating. Experience shows that cables are the most vulnerable part of a bar code wand. Our double-spiraled, High Flex cable is designed to withstand 2 million 90 degree bends with a one-pound weight. The MSH-119's spring-loaded synthetic ruby ball tip can scan millions of labels, and is second only to diamond in hardness to withstand accidental drops to the floor. Self-cleaning, the ruby ball tip assures consistent read performance by protecting the optics from dust and dirt. The extruded, seamless, stainless steel case withstands harder knocks at the workstation than competitive wand cases. The MSH-119 is designed to operate in any environment, from -5 to +120 degrees Farenheit. Opticon's wide temperature range may mean the difference between a working or non-working bar code wand in extreme weather conditions. A special optical bandpass and electrical filter ensures that the MSH-119 will read bar codes in direct sunlight or under strong fluorescent lighting. The MSH-119 is designed to read the widest range of bar codes, including both marginal quality dot matrix and high density labels. Opticon wands are available with an assortment of connectors that adapt to your existing hardware.

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