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Proxis Store Manager 5

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Store Manager 5 Discontinued

The Proxis Store Manager 5 has reached end of life.

Proxis Store Manager 5 (SM5) sets the bar for easy to use retail point of sale software. Designed for single retail stores to multi store operations, SM5 streamlines the full retail experience, from back office inventory management and vendor ordering to transactions and customer loyalty programs.

A complete overhaul from previous versions, SM5 provides tremendous power in an easy to use interface. Reporting tools are run on the fly, eliminating errors and data loss that can occur with end of day/month/year transaction closing features. Real-time reporting extends to inventory management, allowing for more precise reordering and ensuring popular products are restocked promptly. Detailed employee reporting lets you determine which employees are more productive or may need extra help during busy times.

Employee access can be adjusted on a per user basis, giving new employees just the features they need, while restricting important actions such as returns or inventory adjustment to your more trusted cashiers. When combined with SM5's ease of use, these access controls make initial training a snap, taking around 10 minutes to get up to speed.

SM5 features a modular design, saving you money by splitting out redundant features or additions you don't need. Advanced reporting, wireless inventory management, and integrated credit card processing are separate add-ons, minimizing costs on secondary system deployment. Online backup service is also available for a monthly fee, adding great peace of mind in the event of data corruption or system upgrades.

Software Features
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing
  • Split Tender
  • On Screen One Touch Catalog
  • Classic Retail and Quick Service Screens
  • Inventory, Sales and Financial Reports
  • Multiple Price and Tax Levels
  • Gift Certificates, Store Credits, House Accounts and Customer Credit Functions
  • Automatic Close of Day Reports
  • Customer History
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Integrated Credit and Debit Card Processing

  • PC Requirements
  • 500 MHz Intel/AMD processor
  • Windows 2000, XP Home/Pro, Vista
  • 128 MB RAM, 512 MB recommended
  • 20 MB hard drive space, 75 MB recommended
  • 800x600 minimum resolution
  • Proxis Store Manager 5 Reviews

    POSGuys Rating:

    The new Store Manager 5 is a complete overhaul from the previous software. In addition to a fresh new look, the software now has multiple database options such as sql server, integration with debit cards, direct integration with pos scales, and advanced reporting and label printing options.

    Customer Reviews

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    Store Manager 5 - First User (Full Main Station)
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    Store Manager 5 - Additional POS Station (No reporting or management, Requires SM5-1)
    Store Manager 5 - Additional Full Station (Second and above or back office, requires SM5-1)
    Store Manager 5 - Advanced POS Reporting Module (Requires SM5-1 or SM5-2)
    Store Manager 5 - Wireless Inventory Mobile Computer License (Requires SM5-1 or SM5-2)
    PayPros PayMover Credit Card Processing Software (Requires New PayPros Account)
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    1-Year Support Contract
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