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This model has reached end of life.
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Scanseek RF Software for Pocket PC (Includes 5 Pack Client License)
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The RioScan ScanSeek has reached end of life.

ScanSeek is a breakthrough application that allows a user to download any ODBC data source to a Palm OS handheld device. From this device, data can be added, deleted, and edited, and then uploaded back into the original database. The advantage with this program is a portable handheld solution is now available with most current inventory packages. In addition, custom applications can be made by using Microsoft Excel as your data source. As RioScan’s most versatile application, ScanSeek will work with various handheld units including the Symbol SPT 1500 and SPT 1700. Virtually anyone can develop a custom data collection application by using the ScanSeek Data Exchange Wizard. The most common application of ScanSeek is replicating an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database on your handheld. This creates a portable, customizable, data collection device that allows the user to populate the fields via the scanning process and easy-to-use Palm interface.

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