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Everest Multi-Port Cable (Connects Everest Terminal to Power Pack, IRS232 ECR or Peripheral, an Optional Peripheral with RS232 Port, and an IBM PC or Compatible PC for Downloading Application Programs via DB9 Connector)
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Cable (RS232) for the Everest Terminal
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Everest Multi-Port Cable (Connects Everest Terminal to Power Pack, IBM 46XX ECR, LAN, & (2) Peripheral Devices with RS232 Serial Port)
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Power Pack for the OMNI
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Cable (Everest or Omni Terminals to P250/P900/P355 Printers)
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EverestPlus Discontinued

The Verifone EverestPlus has reached end of life.

The VeriFone EverestPlus payment terminal is the new workhorse for multi-lane retailers. It is built on VeriFone's leading Everest platform, which supports a broad range of payment options easily and inexpensively. Now, EverestPlus takes these advantages to greater heights by providing significantly enhanced security, an improved terminal design, a triple-track card reader, and an industry-leading three-year warranty. EverestPlus with VeriFone's exclusive VeriShield security architecture fully meets published specifications for secure PIN-entry devices (PED). VeriShield takes security even further, incorporating additional file authentication capabilities and tamper-resistant features that restrict unauthorized access to the inner workings of the EverestPlus terminal. The sophisticated file authentication process of the VeriShield architecture- including digital signatures and digital certificates-prevents the execution of unauthorized software on the terminal. The EverestPlus payment terminal provides an innovative triple-track card reader that reads all magnetic stripe cards-including drivers' licenses-more quickly and accurately than previously possible. The terminal features a keypad with tactile enhancements for visually challenged customers, and a cable-locking mechanism that secures the terminal's cables while reducing clutter. In addition, the EverestPlus supports all existing Everest applications. EverestPlus is fully compatible with your current point-of-sale (POS) devices, or can run in a stand-beside LAN environment. You can easily connect and even power additional peripherals as needed. Finally, the EverestPlus terminal's design allows customers to speed through lines with a minimum of errors. An intuitive interface prompts customers to swipe their cards, enter their PINs and verify the transaction. Keys are clearly labeled and the terminal's display can be read in almost any light.

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