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FAQ# 1032:

My Scanner will not scan any barcodes, how can I fix this?


My Scanner will not scan any barcodes, how can I fix this?


In most cases, a scanner which will not scan bar codes is defective. However, there are certain indications that a scanner may not be defective. To test whether or not your scanner is, in fact, defective, attempt to scan a bar code from your scanner's configuration manual. It does not matter which bar code you attempt to scan. If the bar codes in your manual do not scan successfully, your scanner is likely defective; please contact us for further assistance, or contact the manufacturer directly for warranty repair service.

However, if the bar codes in your manual scan successfully, then your bar code scanner is either not defective, or has defective software. In order to determine which of these is true, you will need to reset your scanner to default settings: If you know how to do this, please do so now, then proceed to test you scanner with a standard bar code (preferably, this will be a UPC bar code, as you may find on something such as a soda can, a box of tissues, and so on). If you do not know how to reset your scanner to default settings, please contact us.

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