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Do I need software to go along with my barcode scanner?


Do I need software to go along with my barcode scanner?


While you definitely need software to go along with your barcode scanner, which software you need will be determined by your intended purpose for the scanner.


If you mean to use your barcode scanner as a tool for "ringing up" items to sell, you will need what is called point-of-sale software, which typically contains a database of your barcodes, each of which is associated with information like product name, price, and so on. The details of how the software will work are not particularly important; rather, you simply need to understand that, in order to use a barcode scanner to sell your products, you need point-of-sale software.


If, however, you mean to use your barcode scanner for verification of barcodes you are sending to your own customers, the only software you need is software you already have: a basic word processor or text editor, such as Notepad for Microsoft Windows, TextEdit for Mac OS, or even nano for Unix-like operating systems.


There are many other possible applications for barcode scanners, such as for inventory tracking or other warehouse usage, and most of these require software. If you have any questions, or you are wondering which software you ought to purchase, give our sales staff a call at 1-800-903-6571.

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