FAQ# 1075: What paper can I use in my receipt printer? Where can I get paper?


What paper can I use in my receipt printer? Where can I get paper?


There are, predominantly, two types of receipt printers: Thermal and Impact. (You will occasionally find other sorts of receipt printers, like Ithaca POSjet series, but these are quite uncommon.) Each of these types functions with different technology. Impact printers are what you might have known in the past as "dot matrix" printers -- they are loud, and they work by pressing against a ribbon, imprinting ink physically onto the page. Conversely, thermal printers work by applying heat to a sort of paper which is impregnated with heat-responsive chemicals -- in short, ink appears when the paper gets hot.


What does this mean when you're looking for paper? If you have a thermal printer, you need to purchase thermal paper. Thermal paper is a bit more expensive than standard receipt paper, but, remember, the printers are quieter, and you don't have to buy ribbons.


If you have an impact printer, you can buy thermal paper if you really want, but non-thermal paper is going to be cheaper.


In general, you can purchase receipt paper -- for both thermal and impact printers -- at most office supply stores. So, if you have an emergency and need paper, you can nearly always find a roll or two locally. Of course, you can purchase paper at significant savings in bulk from POSGuys, too!

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